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hi every body i am working in drf1101 that it uses cc1101 for transiver . i can read and write its registers. but sometime the registers dont set currectly and i have confused. also i cant send or recieve any data. i use a board that design it by myself. this is my code for transfer side /* * transiver mega2560-cc1101-test.c *
Arduino IDE was originally made to communicate with the original Arduino brand mega2560 board, which uses the FTDI chipset, so I can't any issue on that question. Anyway, by installing the appropriate driver on the desktop side you can deal with any USB chipset.
My project is Biometric Attendance System. I am using Arduino mega2560 and TFT+Touchscreen (SSD1289). I am using UTFT, UTouch and UButtons libraries. The initial screen has 4 buttons and password entry screen has 12 + 1 = 13 buttons. In the initial or start screen if "Enroll User" or "Delete User" button is pressed then it will go to password en
Please let me know that I want to display value "345632" using Arduino mega2560 with 6 digits 7 segment display. I programmed successfully but it cannot display value greater than 65535. I used int type to store value and tried long type but no effect. Which data type I use for store "345632" this value?
Please let me know that I am using Arduino mega2560 with keypad + MAX7221 + LCD And I want to cascade MAX7221 ICs so my question is that would I write these functions lc.shutdown(0,false); /* Set the brightness to a medium values */ lc.setIntensity(0,8); /* and clear the display */ lc.clearDisplay(0);)
Hi All, I have two problems. I am working on 2 projects. One based on ATmega1280 and ATmega2560. In the ATmega2560, I am confused that I have prepared the code in Arduino IDE for Arduino mega2560. Now, I have to prepare my own project board. So I have ordered new ATmega2560. I have found the hex file which generated (...)
You have to go for SMD version of PIC microcontrollers or ATmega2560. better use Arduino mega2560.
Dear milan, Thank you for the reply but I think it is not relevant to Atmega2560 and I don't have a "USART_RXC_vect" & instead I have "USART_RX_vect " for atmel studio. Do you know a proper way to debug it so I could find the issue.
hello, I am having trouble testing GSM 900D with arduino mega2560...GSM is not responding..i am not sure whether is program is incorrect or my connections are wrong..program is simple testing by sending AT command to GSM and waiting for response "ok" on serial is program.. void setup(){ Serial.begin(9600); } void loop(){
hello. I writes the avrstudio matrix led 32x32 atmel mega2560 experience a program proteus then be not sure that wrong which dot help advise correct. thank you. Pued
I have stk200/300 programmer i want program atmega2560 with stk200/300 but my programmer unkhnown mega2560 how i can do remove that problem? thanks alot
Hello... I am working on at mega2560... please guide me how can we check the data availability when using serial communication... like in arduino... they have function like Serial.available to check... how I can do this if i am using avr studio 6... Thanks & Regards Ismail :-)
Hi, Yes, would agree with nirmala h, the Uno is a really good and cheap way to start, plenty of free project software and a very helpful Arduino forum. There are bigger boards like the mega2560 but would suggest you stick with the standard boards. For stepper motors you can build your own drivers but there is a ready made board just for th
What about the mega2560 or 2561? This is as close as it gets. If you need a longer term solution I would highly recommend to look at other options such as the Cortex-M3 based devices. They are similar, often lower cost, offer much more performance, are available from many vendors .... For some information on the atmega 256x check here: ww