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The antenna is outside the meshed domain. Either raise your antenna into the 'air'-box or lower the box. Also your ground plane is unassigned and should be assigned to some form of conductivity bound.
Power and ground routing has to observe rules that can't be kept by an autorouter without detailed constraints, and it's probably impossible for a simple autorouter like that brought by Eagle. A suitable compromise could be to do the power and ground routing manually, implementing a meshed topology with well considered placement of (...)
As already mentioned in post #4, the problem may be that you don't have a "solid" ground (plane, meshed tracks). In this case, additional bypass capacitors are useless. I also guess that the processor has external connections that possibly carry switching transients. All external signals must be filtered and optionally voltage clamped against ci
Designs like the present one are best with a common, continuous ground plane, alternatively meshed ground traces and copper pours. Maxim circuit examples have placed a 50 ohms series resistance before the output connector, which is strongly suggested for medium speed generators and also reducing the risk of IC damage by an inadvertendly (...)
Edaboard says "invalid attachment". I think, you are creating more problems than necessary by combining two high gain stages in a dual OP. In addition, a high gain amplifier would take advantage from a low impedance meshed ground net.
What do you expect from "a power plane" on a two-layer PCB? Preferably, you would want to have good ground connections, at least tightly meshed traces. You can fill up unused areas with copper pours connected to ground net later on.
I am designing a multilayer antenna. The top layer is radiator, second layer is substrate, third layer is meshed metal ground, forth layer is another substrate, and the bottom is feeding network. That's to say the microstrip antenna and its feeding network share the same ground in the milddle. When I put one more layer of substrate (...)
Hello to all I am looking for appropriate paper which can describe in a useful way the advantage and the disadvantages of a PCB, multi layer, with a meshed ground plane. In the network I found the following one: Author: Bing-Zhong Wang "Characteristic Impedance of meshed strip line" International Jounal of Infrared and Millimeter (...)
What is the error message? You can't mesh just a piece of geometry, not with a FEM package! All the geometry will be meshed and solved. :cry: