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This is the circuit I have been given for reverse engineering. It has a 4 feet matrix display. It has other features like RS232 input, PS2 Keyboard input, HT1380 RTC, 24C64 EEPROM not shown in circuit. Now the issue is only with matrix display code writing. How should I approach ? The original board uses P89V51RD2 which is obsolete and
Finally I finshed my first project (after 9 months). I wanna show my work to other people and with this Thread i want to share photos, schematics and more. If you have question just ask. :-D In this first message i just upload some photos and if someone is interested I made also a litle video to show the functions and the housing. https://www.y
Dear All, I want to design & develop moving message display by 89c52.Can it be possible? Or I have to use other microcontroller?
this are not same like you but similar and might help you
Am working on led moving message everything working good i need help to get more colums using cd4017 or how to 3cd4017 together. thanks
I try my best to find sample code in mikroc pro for led moving message display. Hi everybody how to make a scrolling message (using LED Matrix) in mikroc (pic16f877a) pleas help me how can i make it can you anyone put the sample code ? thanks in advance
If this message is moved to a separate thread, please call it: moving up to ARM, chosing between TI Tiva and ST32-F4. I am taking the step up, I have decided, but I have the same problem as you Rezaf. But I have questions from another angle. At the moment I am choosing between TI TIVA (the Launchpad Eval board) and the ST32-F4 (STM F4 Discovery
Hello there ,I like to display a moving message on 3 8*8 dot matrix (ROW Anode) but I am having problem of how to create MAP for characters to display; If you gonna using row scan another use column scan I think you don't use the same characters MAP nor the same circuit;can you please help me to think on this?? see the circuit I want to use,i
i want to design led moving message with 7 X 125 LEDs. Can somebody help me as this has always be my dream project. Thank you guys in anticipation.
The terminal works. I have tested it. thank you Bigdogguru for reply but i don't find the mikroC code that use UART terminal to change the message the only existing code and its hex file its used to display number and we can't change it Post the project files. I will add the UART code to it and also the code to display any Cha
Hi, I've been looking for moving message display for few days. I found some valuable ideas. But as I work with PIC micro-controller and with compiler microCpro so it was hard finding an example project work on net. Can anyone help me on this? Thanks
Can anybody post 16x80 dot matrix scrolling message project for example.
Hello, I was doing a tutorial and while trying that during auto-routing FAN OUT, I get an error "SPECCTRA command failed:("direction BOTTOM vertical"nil)" Has anybody experience with this kind of message? Ramesh
Hi, i want help for my project regarding programming. I have use atmega16 microcontroller and i have use 5*7 led display module. So plz. Plz... Help me regarding this problem....!!!
Please i need your help am a new user on this forum and i want to design this "moving message Display" in a simple way: such that anybody can just edit the information been programed on the Micro controller.
What method do you have in mind? First try to display the message and then, after that, work on moving the message.
Looking and working with a product in market, i happened to study the circuit and working and got well satisfied with the simple deisgn and minimal hardware. The main board comprises an ATmega32 connected to Atmel 24C512 and 74HS595 > rows. USB key board directly connected to the microcontroller. I have seen below mentioned models sucessfully worke
Search before posting very long thread, but worth reading..
look here may be helpful