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The metal-fills wont be add over the macros if the macro has routing blockage.
Microwave ferrite has much lower permeability and more conductive oxide filler. <30MHz ferrite has the highest mu with cobalt doped iron oxide with much less conductive metal particles as beads around conducting wires. But high permeability and lower resistance SMD in a ferrrite power may use silver oxide with iron oxide and is more expensive. Bu
Hi, filler cells are added for n well, pwell and metal 1 continuity. Why should n well p well be continuous ? I understand that metal 1 should be continuous for min density reasons and EM reasons. What exactly is power continuity ? Thanks in advance. :-D
hi friends, i have one doubt. we are using filler cells in between physical design flow right, and metal filling is used at the final stage. what is the difference in between these two?? can any one explain on this
Corner cells - For pad ring connectivity, it contains only metal layers. no active layers. these special cells contains metal structures that are bent 45 degrees, to maintain continuity of IO power buss structures.
hi all, 1. if metal wire go through the matched MOSFET, how much will influence the accuracy? 2. if the metal wire is symetric on the matched MOSFET, HOW much will influence the accuracy? 3. how about the poly resistor. thanks.
What is the difference between core filler cells and metal filler cells?
Instead of antenna "filler" cell it sounds more likely to be "spare" antenna cell. The reason why insert these kind of cells might be prepared for the coming metal-layer-only changes ECO.
5. SDC obtained after systhesis must give u prorper idea abt clocks in design 8. since filler doesnt affect timing, there is no need to add them in earlier stages of routing. 9. Most of P&R tools look only at the metal layer present in std cells,they are not much botherd about (OD, active or diffusion layer). with only metal info visible (...)
filler Cell are empty Cells with only Power and Ground Rails. After Place and Route there will be enpty areas left in the row and hence the power will not reach all the cells due this discontinuity. After adding filler cells this discontinuity will go away. Also few people make use of filler cell for increasing the metal (...)