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Could my pulse watch be similar to what you're making? I press my finger on a metal plate, and my pulse rate appears onscreen. I have wondered, how can it detect my pulse? All I can figure, is that a tiny voltage differential is generated between my left hand and my right hand. And the watch contains a high-gain amplifier. I touch the leads of my
Unfortunately, the bottom covered with metal foil, top side is her On 16pin IC is 0065 1417 1469 128731
If LCD cover is plastic, high ESD discharge fields can corrupt charge in LCD and it will remember that or get damaged and you won't forget. Use glass cover or antistat coating on plastic. Use a plastic case. metal cases are only for EMI experts as sub-ns ESD events dont follow the path you always expect, like lightning and create high E-field o
Yes, for body temperature measurement the package sensor should touch the body. The metal case LM35 works better in this regards than the plastic package type. But they are more expensive.
COB MCPCB, known as "Chip-On-Board" metal Core PCB, is a type of MCPCB used in thermoelectric separation application. By using COB MCPCB, the micro-chip (also known as "die") directly touch the metal core where the heat dissipate, and electrically interconnect the trace of circuit board (wire-bonding) so that power supply can be provided. (...)
Hi every body , now when I make pcb and send to be manufacture , I receive it but all via are exposed and if some metal touch to via it will be short it, my question is how to cover this vias with mask or something using ISIS ARES this website explain the tenting for you .. regards
Earth and ground, really mean the planet earth. Its a safety feature. So as you are standing on planet earth, you would hope that all the metal work you can touch will not send a current through you back to earth - this can be lethal!. So its connected directly to earth by some special path. I say special, because this path should be able to carry
..Thanks, though research suggests 60C is for metals....insulative surfaces such as ferrite eneable one to place the finger on it even of it is much hotter than 60C?
I have designed a generator that runs between 116khz to 140khz. The frequency is adjustable using a 5k panel mount pot. When ever I touch the pot spindle or any of the outside metal work the output of the gen is affected. I have checked the continuity between the metal spindle and the 3 solder tags all hi impedance. Anyone got any ideas? (...)
A simple touch sensor you can make from the black foam used to protect semiconductor devices. Use two metal sheets to squeeze a piece of foam, finish with a rubber ring or a Scotch tape. See how the resistance varies with pressure. Capacitive sensors require thin-film on plastic or glass foil, and an AC signal source .
Is this for the ends of wires that may flop around loose and touch metal? If so then it may be a good idea to install an insulating-type connector. Do the jumpers consist of two wires which join another two wires, and you must not get them mixed up? There are connectors containing two plugs, each molded in the opposite gender (male vs female), to
Your cost targets are too low. Best Proto shop from my experience that can do anything you ask them to. Ask about thin Getek for RF over 2oz copper cost comparison with MCPCB. They offer no-touch discounts, Web order discounts and premiums for 24hr turn around. Ask about micro-via costs for RF and thermal transfer. h
My guess is it is nothing more than a metal disc, something to touch, the real electronics being at the other end of the spring. If I'm right, plug it in and touch the spring, if it operates as normal all you have to do is ensure the spring touches the disc when you glue it back in place. Brian.
If that's all there is in the circuit, it doesn't matter. In a series circuit, the current is the same at all connections so opening any one of them with the switch will stop the current everywhere. If the motor has a metal body or shaft, it might be connected to one of the motor wires so be careful it doesn't touch anything else. Brian.
metal inteconnects don't touch to the substrate, they are placed on different layers such as epitaxy, SiO2 etc.So, metal interconnections are not purely transmission lines and therefore they can not guide the waves as well as real transmission lines...
Here's my $0.02 idea. You would probably need more than one type of sensor. I would try inductive and capacitive. Inductive is good for detecting metal. Capacitive can detect both metal and dielectric (it's used extensively in touch sensors and buttons). I would also like to invite your question to a specialized group dedicated to (...)
hi, about trimming, there are three kinds of trimming technique (1) metal fuse, (2)poly fuse (3)lazer fuse you can choose anyone of them. when test after mass-production, test engineer design a probe card accroding your chip layout and write a C program, The computer run the C program, control the probe card to touch the chip's fuse P
hi, 1. making a metal touch the boundary may cause some errors in the farfield calculation, you better make the port inside the structure. if you don't have back lobe then just ignore the message. 2. this may happen in several cases a. you have different polarizations for the same mode (e.g. TE11 in circulkar w.g.) b. the wave guide is no
Why when I open my PC's case or any metallic part and touch it with my hand or with a screw driver I hear this low noise sound? Try it :) I've posted this already in a previous post as a reply, but no one replied, I think it was agains the rules, so here is the question again!!
This is a very serious problem for me now. I suffered for a long time but I couldn't find any answer to this problem yet. I always have static charge. When I touch any metal things (door knob, my car or anything metal) it shocks me. Question : How can I get rid of this charge? I tried changing my shoes, my clothes etc. Didn't change. Is (...)