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DefValue of CDF parameters are updated from "parameter statement" in Verilog-A everytime I save Verilog-A code in Cadence IC6. However this operation is troublesome. DefValue of CDF parameters were not affected at all in Cadence IC5. Is there any method to disable this operation in Cadence IC6 ? parameter real Tari = 6.25u from [6.25u
Hii I want to compare two floating point IEEE754 numbers For this which is efficient hardware design one with normal comparator like ( just comparing sign, exponent, mantissa of both operands with < == > sign ) or with subtraction method ( operand1 - operand2 depends on result one can decide which is greater or smaller or both are equal )
Hi guys, I'm designing a thermo diode and want to measure Vbe value to get the non-ideality factor. I have two ways to get Vbe in .meas statement. First method is: .meas tran VB find V(B) at 40n .meas tran VE find V(E) at 40n .meas VBE param = 'VB-VE' Second method is .meas tran VBE vbe(xtd1.xqq0.qin) Both (...)
I wouldn't know of any appropriate method, s. here: 74711 .
Hi All, I am just stumbled with one of the process that i need to execute for my current assignment? I tried above method what is mentioned in question but didn't worked out. Can anyone provide me an easiest way out for following function: I have to write testcases in verilog for my VHDL based DUT.. This testcases should generate rand
I can accept the statement as a first guess. Strictly spoken, you have to ask for the exact averaging method applied. You can describe it by an impulse response h(t) and calculate the fourier transform to get the involved frequency domain characteristic. A rectangular impulse response according to a "boxcar" averager e.g. results in a sin(x)/x freq
you can use "generate" method to do so!
Hi Maybe no one has tried bit banging method, and mostly talk based on what they read in books... Its very difficult to get baudrate of 4800 and above... Mainly bit banging is implemented for baud rate less than 600bps.............
What means your "equation method"? A multiple IF-ELSEIF .... ENDIF? A long switch statement (like yours) is equal to a multiple IF-ELSEIF (same instructions), but more readable. However, it's working with constants only, if you compare the voltage with variables, use the IFs.
yes, try to use non-blocking method in you assign statement!
i hope this is useful.i check it in my project and its work.its work like a filter or denouncing method. Are you sure about your statement? IMHO, this test happens in the same clock period, so this is not working as a debouncer
need more details, how do you compare, by correlation algorithm with scalar result or vector result or someother method
Hi guys i have a k300 and i wanted to communicate with it through AT commands serailly, now the problem is that the responce is isnt working for me, i used puts, printf uart method to send the AT commands which works PERFECTLY, then i used the get statement to get the response OK, i even checked it on Proteus in which it sent AT and i wrote OK and
Hello, I don't know how to stop my simulation, my testbench is described in VHDL and I use ncsim, is there any method to stop the simulation just like using $stop, $finish in Verilog? Regards,
Does Verilog-A support arrays assigment? Is there a method to assign an array in a single statement. For example, a<3:0>={1,0,1,0} and suppose 1,0 is a specified level. Thanks for your help!
Precharge : A charging method who charges a long unused or brand new battery. It normally uses a small current to charge the battery until predefined voltage level is met. It happens in the beginning of the charging process Trickle charging : A charging method which uses to charge the battery at a low rate (C/100), balancing losses through a loc
One common method is to translate your state machine into a 'case' statement, and then let the synthesizer software do the tedious logic minimization. It's usually very good at doing that. Or, since you already have the three equations, you can simply put them into your Verilog, and the synthesizer software should automatically minimize them for
Using hfss for MIM quality factor calculation seems like using a bomb for opening a shoe lace. Why don't you use ADS it uses moment method and answeres much faster than HFSS. I think ADS is the most perfect software for what you are going to do.
hi there is many method for plc programing. statement list (STL) ladder programing and advance programing. It is better to use plc simulator first.
Hi to get certain dealy, I saw some people who instanciate buffer cells from standard cell library of the the target technology and use the delay of these buffers to get their required delay. Disadvantage of this method is that you will need to re-calculate your delays if you change the technology. So it will affect code portability and maintabi

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