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Hi all, I am looking for a male usb micro connector that has an extended or 'long neck' insertion section at least 15mm. Need this as a temp fix as the female receptacle connector is not flush with the outer surface of a design prototype we have.
HI, i am interfacing a GSM module to a micro controller on usb. I could detect the device and could successfully connect the device to host and have established 3 pipes interrupt ,Bulk in and bulk out. i could send the AT commands to the module and the module is (...)
hi, i am new to this at90usb1286 micro controller. i am doing a project (Temperature monitoring module) in the part of my engineering studies which contains at90usb1286,LM35DT (Temperature sensor) and i am using internal adc (10-Bit) of micro controller i need to monitor the temperature in a (...)
I need some components with small form factor. 1) serial flash with 4-8 M byte, less than 5mmX5MM. 2) LCD or LED or OLED screen with small form factor(less than 25mmX25mm), and LCD connector with small miniature. 3) micro usb AB receptacle Bottom mount,SMT,without flange.
I am trying to use STM32Cube to generate a VCP usb device framework for the STM32F302CB micro. It works fine for a STM32F405 chip and a STM32F103 chip. But on the 302, it just wont enumerate properly? The only differences I can see are the 302 supports usb Device only, while the others have OTG support. Has (...)
Hello!! Everyone I am new in the filed of Cortex-M3 and using LPC1343 micro-controller for my project, which also requires a usb HID. I found usb HID demo in Keil Example folders and by using the usb Stack i created my project, which is exactly similar to example project provided by Keil. (...)
I have a AT89C51RD2 microcontroller but accidentally disconnected a VCC or GND to pin connection and now RS232 communication is not possible. I do not remember what the connection was exactly but it was VCC or GND to some pin. Does anyone know what the connection could be? I am using a plain RS232 cable. My final goal is to load a hex file using
Nope, usb 2 is specified to 500mA @ 5V, additionally if you were looking to control the motor over usb you would need a modest micro controller to talk usb and interface it to whatever the motor needs as a control signal. Regards, Dan.
Hi.. any one help me to write a code for usb without using controllers.. The condition is i want to write the code in command prompt(any turbo c etc...) and data can be passed through usb.
I have a simple project which title is defined the Thread's title. I don't have even a tiny idea about how to do it. What I have and what I need to do is in the below paragraph: " Let say I have a very simple game in which player can only move left, right, up and down. I have made this game (assume). Now I need to control its position using
PLEASE anybody help me to design atmega micro controller based mp3 decoder,and interfacing fm ic using bk1080.actually i want complete design of usb mp3 player and FM using micro controller without mp3 decoding chip.
Hello! We would like to introduce our cool project! We have been worked on with micro controller developer board which has built-in followed features... Wireless connectivity: 2G Quadband GPRS WLAN BT 4.1 Wired connectivity: micro usb 2.0 GPIO pins on PCB JTAG on PCB Sensors: 3D Accelerometer A-GPS (...)
Hello everyone... I'm studying Electrotecnics Engineering and we are going to program an 8051 compatible micro controller. The DS89C450. I already built my electronic circuit and I'm using an FTDI 5V to convert RS232+MAX232 into usb to communicate with uC and I'm also using a crystal of 110592MHz. I (...)
Hi, I have bought SIM900A development board. It has SIM900A, MAX232, DB9 Connector and LM317 regulator to provide 4.1V output. how to test SIM900A with PC without micro-controller? Shall I connect directly to PC from DB9 connector? Thanks in advance.
Dear all, I am having TVS company 1D bar code scanner. It will work only in HOST(Meaning PC). I need to access the data by micro-controller and I need to display the data in 4 line LCD. I am having little bit knowledge about FT232RL and PL2303.. These ICs will perform usb to UART. But I am not confident in (...)
in the micro controller side , how the fields below are filled from the incoming bytes?: typedef struct usbRequest{ uchar bmRequestType; uchar bRequest; usbWord_t wValue; usbWord_t wIndex; usbWord_t wLength; }usbRequest_t; 8-O
is it possible to read the data form network analyzer through micro controller and send it to computer??
i made a design using CC3000 and Atmega382 micro controller , i need to test the CC3000 directly and see if it works well with the current board design. The radio tool seemed to be the best solution , i thought i should just connect the module to the pc using the usb serial cable , as that much of info. was mentioned (...)
Hello Friends, I have 3 questions and i listed it below 1) Which kind of communication is best to connect two micro-controllers? 2) If it is possible to connect two micro-controllers in different bits(For example 8 bit & 16 bit or 16 bit &32 bit like that) ? 3) I want to connect PIC32MX795F512L usb 2 STARTER (...)
I have the above mentioned mobile phone. I want to use it as FM Radio reciever only. But for the Radio to function, I must connect Headphones. So I have to make an 'adapter' between the 3.5mm Jack of my headphones and the usb micro-B of the phone. (headphones can be attached to usb only). usb (...)