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hi everyone i have to design wide band micro-strip equalizer for 8-18 ghz in hfss. can anyone guide me about this. how to achieve this wide band. and if i have to design resonators for this then please guide how to use eigen mode in hfss.. thanks
Please help me to generate 2 alternate pwm with variable duty (by preset) for a square wave inverter by those pic microcontroller, which have no hardware pwm. please guide me.
I am looking for just the probe so that I can interface it with my micro . regards
The SPI pins on a PIC16F877a are: SCK - RC3 SDI - RC4 SDO - RC5 The site below shows using diodes to connect DIO on the TM1638 to both SDI and SDO (on a different type of microcontroller). This might be one way to do the connections ? forum.43
Hello The pickit 3 schematic is in the user guide, appendix B ( DS52116) . You can get it on the microchip's site
Hello!! Everyone, I have to implement a queue in micro-controller, that is simple when the values stored are of single, double bytes, But what to do when there is a need to save a 20 bytes long packet. I am confused how to implement this. My Application Requirement is as follow:- micro-controller has to receive packet from serial port w
I've been looking at the figures in the Dallas ds89c450 User guide, like figure 11-2 "Timers/Counters 0 and 1, Mode 2". I'm trying to figure out how the figure of divide by 3072 is obtained for the input clock to Timer 1. With CD1 / CD0 both 1, the micro is in Power Management Mode. So, the system clock is divided by 1024. With T1MH an
Hai Rahul You can Use ADIS16300 or any MEMS Sensor for your application. Its good practice selecting of micro controller based on 1. your exact requirement 2. Development Tools 3. Cost For your simple college project you can select any PIC You can get low cost development tools Regards Mr.Perfect
New Tiva LaunchPad can also work as USB host (spmu296 Tiva? C Series TM4C123G LaunchPad Evaluation Board User's guide) ... USB micro-A and micro-B connector for USB device, host, and on-the-go (OTG) connectivity
Hello friends, I have small application of Generating 38KHZ Frequency for IR Application. I want to use PIC12F675 and it doesn't have Hardware CCP Module inside the micro controller so i want to use Soft PWM For generating PWM Signal. I searched PIC Library but i m not able to find the Soft PWM library code so please guide me how to use Soft Li
HI all, Somebody please tell me how to generate a delay of 15min off time and 10 min on time using ATTINY2313. Please its very urgent. I tried using built in delay subroutine in micro C for AVR, but its not working. Please guide me. Thanking you
Hi I'd like to design an adjustable counter without using a micro-controller For example this system should be adjustable to count up to 100, and switch a relay when counter matched the adjusted value (100 in this example) The top value for counter should be adjustable with a few micro-switches Although I know this is a very simple task using a
You should read the "dsPICDEM™ 1.1 Plus Development Board User’s guide", linked below. It includes the instruction format of the 18F242 controller. You could probably also find the code to download from microchip.
dear all i am working on rgb light i have to change different colors using rf remote i am using atmega16 micro controller for it will anybody guide me that what should i do for making a remote - - - Updated - - - i want to know that how to make a rf remote (ie transmitter & receiver) - - - Updated - -
I am using DS18B20 micro-Controller (One-Wire Protocol) to show the temperature on LCD and Serial Port. I tested it for 1-sensor and it works fine now my question is that, how can i connect multiple sensor maximum 64 or minimum 8 with the micro-controller. I mean to say which topology to use for this purpose, so that i can easily connect all
Hello all.. i am trying to design micro-strip patch antenna in ADS using photonic crystals as a substrate .. can any one guide me how to find the Band Gap frequencies in photonic crystals. ??? i like to use alumina as photonic crystal and like to have operating frequency around 12 GHz,, please let me know by your views..
What PIC C Compiler are you currently using? BigDog I'm using micro c.
Hi, I want to calculate the Gain,VSWR of a micro strip antenna which is designed. I wanted to see the Gain,VSWR change with frequency, I'm using Layout Window to create the antenna. I would really appreciate if someone can guide me.
i want to design on_line UPS charger . analogue ver or micro controller based . pl help & guide me ...
hi, i am using teensy micro controller in my project based on DTMF can any body please guide about the pins configuration in teensy and to manage its pin in comparison with any other micro controller Regards