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Hi bro. I have 2 questions, please answer me. 1-Why sometime for programming of microblaze in xilinx fpga use while(1) loop and sometimes dont? see below code for example... I want to generate a PWM signal using the Timer/Counter IP Core. Nothing shows up. What I did: Added the core, connected the PWM0 port of the core to an ex
Hi everybody, I have some problem about low-latency interrupt mode in microblaze. If i don't use XPS_INTC of Xilinx, I use my interrupt controller. So, I have to prepare what function or lib to implement fast interrupt handle in my project. example, i see some funtion in XPS_INTC of Xilinx such as XIntc_Connect, XIntc_ConnectFastHandle,... o
hi i m getting the following error, irrespective of the make target this is just one example with target as clean droy@m4210-01 ~/linux-xlnx-master $ make ARCH=microblaze clean scripts/Makefile.clean:17: /home/droy/linux-xlnx-master/drivers/net/ethernet/smsc/Makefile: File name too long make: stat: /home/droy/linux-xlnx-mas
uClinux has been ported to several processor cores like Nios or microblaze to be run in a FPGA. To get it into an ASIC seems to be a matter of finding a uClinux supported processor core.
FPGA programming is done in VHDL or Verilog that are hardware description languages. Do not confuse them with C. To implement a TCP/IP stack on a FPGA you will need to implement the PHY layer probably ethernet using for example VHDL. Then embed a processor core like the xilinx microblaze which will run the TCP/IP stack that you can program using "s
can anyone suggest an example design for microblaze to ext memory interfacing using a controller ?? im using virtex6 fpga on ml605 .. i face some problem with connecting the ddr3 to mb ...kindly help me on this
People can see for example . And download: . I started to learn about it. Expecting people to help, explain and draw diagrams for my algorithms. Thank you everyone
There are two possible pal_init.c files One, as fa as I can see, form build 22033, and another from build 22066. The 22033 seems identical to yours (have not checked it literally). Here is the 22066: /******************************************************************************\ |* |* PACKAGE: PAL |* |* DESCRIPTION: Initialize
i want use seven segment with microblaze. can anyone send me an example c code?
Hi, I want to access (i.e. Read / Write) data in Flash RAM located on Xilinx ML403 Board. I require the soft code (or functions) to get or store data in flash memory. Kindly help me in this regard.
I want to Code microblaze Using C. But I coulnt find any documentation about how to Code it. I mean what is the defined register names, Syntax, functions . For example there is a function like XGpio_SetDataDirection, how would i know this function before i see it from anywhere. There isnt any documentation which has names of functions etc li
Dear Sir, Did anyone provide me a complete code for 1) transmitting a sequence of byte from microblaze in spartan 3a 2) Receiving the Sequence of byte in microblaze from external world(External Device) in spartan 3A. External Device is Rs-485 based communication with baud rate 9600bps. Please let me know the code for this.
i was working on a multicore microblaze platform ,i want to use mailbox to deal with the data communication between the two cores(microblaze) my problem is that i have no idea how to config mailbox,i hope anyone could kingly show me a example THX
Hello. I am using microblaze. I am confused about the use of floating point numbers. When in the beginning of the program I select the microblaze, the program asks if I want to have a floating point unit. I answer yes. So, now I am able to do multiplications with floating points normally? For example I want to multiply 0.17*44. I also (...)
Hello. Does anyone has any experience with the microblaze debug module (mdm)? I am having some difficulties, for example, if I put some breakpoints in my SDK program, sometimes it will not work, but if I remove them, it will work. Now, this is not the case always, so, I am trying to figure out if the problem is in the debugger or in my sof
Hi , Im using spartan 3e and want to use ethernet to tx and rx data from fpga. I hv used microblaze processor but not getting help regarding ethernet to use with it. shud i use standalone OS or xilkernel or uclinux...and what steps shud i follow?? I have also studied lwIP, but not getting the proper steps to use ethernet. Help me plz... re
Hi, I'm trying to use uC-OS II with a xilinx spartan 3 revision e board (microblaze) and i followed the application notes that came with the micrium microblaze port, configured the Xilinx Platform Studio, but now i dont know how to download the example to the board. Usually i use XMD to download the software to external memory "dow (...)
Serial interface will be simplest and best option. If you are using virtex pro, then build the system using microblaze softcore, that will simplify many debugging tasks.
Hi everyone I am working with a FPGA board from xilinx, I am using EDK tools for hard configuartions but I am new in this field so can you help me to begin with EDK. I have dowloaded a guide in the web site for EDK so there is an example in the guide, I followed the instructions to create a new project but at the end when I want to download the
Hi, I am quite new to EDK(I am using EDK 10.1.) and microblaze, but I have some experience in VHDL coding and C programming. I have a xilinx Spartan 3A DSP board and I amtrying to run a very simple example on it. I only need to run the microblaze on the FPGA to read a switch and turn an LED on. Thats it all. But I cant find any (...)