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Okay, so i tried to interface PIC16f722A with LM016L lcd. i had wrote the C-code for initializing (lcd) and displaying characters on lcd. Somehow i got stuck when i simulated the program in Proteus. The problems are as follows: 1)When i transfer X number of characters, it just shows (X-1) number of characters, ignoring the last character. (...)
Hello,I am implementing an AC voltmeter but printing the following is impossible,could you please help?I am using microc compiler: tlong0 =(long)max_point0*(5/255)*11; // find the peak amplitude of the line tlong1 =(long) max_point0*((5/255)*11*220/12)*0.707; // find the rms value of the line voltage
Hello,there I am trying to implement a soil moisture sensor with VH400,can anyone help me to know the formula for reading analog data from vh400 to be converter for lcd display with pic16f877a USING microc. Please help!!
which is not working is a bit vauge - does the program build and load OK? not reading anything when the programs runs? can you post your code? have you looked at microchip's code examples
helo everyone. i m trying to use the ad feature of the pic to show the conversion result on the lcd, i using microc pro for programming and the software shows 3 commans in ad header file that are adc_init, adc_read and adc_sample_read but using these commands i m getting nothing on the lcd below is the code i tried sbit (...)
I'm doing a password based load control in microc. everything working fine but only the problem is the lcd is not ok. it displaying wrong. here is my code: /******************************************************************************* * Program for 'Password Based Load Control' * *
Haii all .. What is the difference between microc and microc pro ?,which is better,and is it possible to debug a program in microc pro that wrote in microc please help
Hello every body ,can any one help me plz to read capacitance value,and display it on the lcd screen using CCS c ;I saw many examples using microc but I do not know it at all;plz help me with ccs c compiler. Thanks
hi everyone; I'm using PIC16F877A to count pulses on T1ck in a specific period to get the rate of these pulses in minute (PPM) but it don't act as i expect and i don't know where is the error ?:( so can anyone help me ? here is my code (i microc): // lcd module connections sbit lcd_RS at RB2_bit; sbit lcd_EN at (...)
I hav trie to interface ad7792 with PIC16f887 n tried to display the o/p at lcd.but the program is not responding properly..the program in microc is listed below.. help me to find out the problem.. //******ADC connections************************** #define cs_1 (PORTD.B4) #define SCLK (PORTC.B3) #define ADC_DIN (PORTC.B5) // DIN OF
path0: for k0=0 to 9 if portc.0=1 then gosub augmenter end if next k0 << added here remove it from to subroutine gosub looking microc basic will localise a for and next to a single routine and not at gosub level :. the for never gets stepped on even if the if again qualifies as the for has not already been stepped on by the
I want to program a 16F877A microcontroller to drive LM12864LFW lcd display using microc. microc has provided a lcd library and they have said that the library is for lcds having HD44780 compliant controllers. but according to the datasheet of my lcd( [URL="http:
If you are located in the U.S. there are plenty of reliable sources for PICs. I usually order from: microchip Direct They are particular good for volume pricing. They do have minimum orders on some parts, not the MCUs, but the minimum counts are usually low, typically 3 or 5 pieces. Occasiona
If you read your microc Help Manual you will find code examples of lcd,ADC,keypad,timer overflow interrupt etc
Hello, I am trying to interface graphic lcd 240x128 (part: T240128 v1.1) with PIC16F877A. I used microc compiler's example coding & also simulated on proteus. On Proteus simulation, lcd worked alright, but when i set up the hardware, lcd is showing only a bar of line (Sometimes on top, or middle or bottom (after (...)
how does value(integer) stored in variable directly display on lcd display? is there any command to do that?
Yes but the main problem at this point is that there is an error with the lcd, and i can't see in there is any initialization before the main(). for example i have seen a microc code using this before main, i don't know if you should use it or not. // lcd module connections sbit lcd_RS at RB4_bit; sbit (...)
Hi for all; I'm a graduated student. and I need to interface pic18f452 with the lcd to read the degree of the temperature using LM35 Sensor. I want the the assmbler code or microc code Or MicroBasic. I'm try a code that was posted here. But it is give error when I use MicroBasic or microc. I will attached The File and the desgn.... Plea
hi in microc you need to set the fuses separately in the project window may be that's not done in your hex file try to do it manually if it's possible with the programmer that you use ml
hi, i m a beginner in pic. currently, i have a project which to display text in lcd screen using pic16f877. i need to build the hardware as well as the soft ware. however, i don't really know how to write the source code using c language. the connection between lcd and pic and elctronics. can someone give some guidance?( pls provide schem