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I follow the instruction in microchip Application Note AN236 to design a simple PLC. I simulate its modules separately to ensure that it works. But when I attach the PWM signal into the power line through a high pass filter, the power signal is still sine wave! (Of course! It's the power source, the voltage can't be changed!) What the thing (...)
The following are informative examples of IIR filter design using PICs: Chapter 3: Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) filters microchip Appnote AN852: Implementing FIR and IIR Digital filters Using PIC18 Mic
Hi Friends, I am designing a PWM to 0-10V circuit. The PWM signal maximum amplitude is 24V, using proper duty cycle and low pass filter on the output I can get a analog voltage range from 0-10V. Is this right..? this concept i got from a microchip App note AN538. I need more design idea for this... Thanks in (...)
You can use OpAmp to design a filter, use ADS to simulate it. Why use ADS to simulate an active filter in the kHz range? There is a lot of free synthesis software for active filters, for example filterPro from Texas Instruments or filterlab from
You can use active RC filter. For example, see filterLab filter design Software for help.
Be patient,very soon they will be available DsPic from microchip. they have an extensive capability on dsp algorithm calculation,maintaining optimal microcontroller characteristics and a good approach. You must wait two months at least bye Stark
Hi, This documets are application notes from microchip, about FIR and IIR filter design with PIC