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Perhaps another kind of ?technique? ( better saying, an improvement on the complexity of the FSM ), is the microcode fetch/decoder that runs inside microcontrollers, on which states not pre-defined run in a top layer, being what we call by firmware, changing dynamically its flow path. Anyway, as said above, there is no other way in the hardware lev
What the different between a code an a microcode? Because a microprocesor is a sequential machine which combine sequential (flip-flops as registers) with combinational circuit (logic gates which made operation between register). When a microprocesor made the fetch of an instruction, the ?P decode it an allows some combinational circuit and some
Is microcode reverse engineering to C-code even possible for HC68MC908AS60 MCU? There are some Chinese sites who say they can do it. Is this real or just talk? I have written to a couple of companies, but no answer so far. I am not looking help with copying, that I could do myself. I want to look from the code, what the MCU needs to do, in order to
A microprocessor is the core computing part with the ALU, instruction decode and execution unit(incl. microcode) - but without memory(data/program) and pheripheral I/O units. A microcomputer has all component on a single chip. Microcomputer targetted for controller(or embedded) application are called microcontroller. Enjoy your design work!
Guys I want to understand these terminologies correctely. I want to get correction if my understanding of these terms is flawed. ISA = this is the machine language code 0's and 1's generated by a compiler. These opcodes are visible to the programmer of a particular processor. Micro-code = This is the code present in the ROM of the control Uni
can u just post the code.... plz...... using microcode studio?
Here is our PIC Programmer and Debugger Roy Thomas
Hi I am providing a development board with a USB Peripheral Design example project implemented using PIC18F4550. Here are the details 74104 Product brochure is available
I am unfamiliar with microcode Studio and its language syntax. However if the PULSOUT statement generates a single pulse, this is the issue. The PWM wave must be constantly repeated for the servo to maintain a position. Try repeatedly generating a particular pulse for a few seconds, before changing the duty cycle and moving the servo to a new po
hi i am using pic 18f452 to control the servo motor Turnigy TG9e. i am programming it using microcode studio. i was not able to move the servo motor. i don't know what was the mistake. can anyone provide me a basic program in microcode studio for controlling servo motor Turnigy Tg9e using pic 18f452
Isn't microcode studio a BASIC compiler, not C? Keith
we run a microcode studio with PicBasic Pro version 2.6. I have a problem with I2CWRITE command. Unlike I didn't found over the Internet nothing about it. The problem description: we use LAB-X1 development board with PIC 16F877 MCU. To Ports C3 and C4 is connected an LCD 128x64 via I2C Interface BV4512 from ByVac. From LAB-X1 is sen
hello . . im working on a RFID based project interface w/ a microcontroller (PIC16F877). . can anyone help me how to program the reader in microcode. . the project simply a rfid controlled sliding door w/ monitoring system for faculty room. . to check if the prof. ur looking is inside the faculty room. . . . can you suggest me the r
help.... want to have a tutorial of microcode studio plus tutorials... and picbasic pro.. tnx...
fndz,b have got PIC programmer MICROPRO from microcode solutions . please say about the supporting software . i have tried out ICPROG,WINPIC pro its not working .... please say about the exact supporting programming software for NSK PIC16F877 development board also... please post URL' thanx in advance rajsundar
frndz i have got MICROPRO programmer from microcode .please say me supporting software and user manual to program using that hardware .....
Edalover is established in 2009 by a group of hardware engineers who have over 10 years experience in Hongkong. They had designed many boards which used in communication field. Providing expert FPGA, hardware, microcode and firmware design services, we focus on applications in networking, communications, industry application:
hi frndz, i am using microcode PIC programmer ICD 2 when i am trying to connect i could not access it ... i have selected the COM ports as well ... i use MPLAB IDE ,please help me in getting my doubts cleared ... thanx in advance, rajsundar Do you mean that the programmer is not detected or the Chip is not detected or c
wanna know how to make a tone detector using that pic to make the ringtone of a cell phone a signal to open or off the system.we are using microcode as a program.
we have a project regarding moving display using led dot matrix 5x7...and pic16f877...and we are only new to microcode...any suggested program using microcode studio...or where can we download a free compiler other than microcode that best suits the program to be used...we will be grateful for your help...thanks a lot....