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Good evening guys! Is there anyone who have an idea about how to interface ultrasonic sensor with pic microcontroller easyPic v7 with PIC18F45K22 chip, in order to make person counter. I found a useful code and I tried to edit it but still it's not working... Here is my code: // Lcd module connections sbit LCD_RS at LATB4_bit;
post your source code, so that we can check, also mention what is the problem you are facing...??? Also this need to be posted in microcontroller thread.
Need to turn Timer0 on pic16f877a after pressed switch 1 and then turn it off when pressed switch 2, then displaying the period of the time on LCD. Plz someone help me...i am new to micro c.... i attached proteus simulation screenshot....
You better start learning thrue C and forget about flowcode and such toys. As the result - will be able to choose any microcontroller available in store. Not microchip, offcause.
Hello!! I want to measure Efficiency using pic16f877a microcontroller.I have one current transformer. my problem is i want to Interface current transformer to microcntroller...I dont have any idea how to interface CT to ADC of 16f877a. So please suggest me any circuit for it. Also How can I measure efficiency using ADC.!??Or may be Im (...)
I managed to find a vendor of the board with a schematic and an image of its underside, the white connector is an ICSP port which can be used to program the device in the ZIF socket. A PICkit 2 or 3 should do the trick with a proper adapter cable. The Spanish to English translation of the webpage title is loosely: [URL="articulo.mer
i want to drive a 5V relay with pic microcontroller i.e when pin of controller is 5V i want to turn on relay.i am using vcc as 12V for the relay.but it isnt switching.i have used 1k resistor at base of bc 547 transistor. attached is image of the cct115318
Both the pins are internally connected. For simple operation you can use any two pins to power up the device. As per the datasheet electrical specification, the microcontroller can handly upto 300mA at power supply pins. If your I/O pins are handling higher current, its advisable to power the controller at both sides. Regards Udhay
For bio-medical application better use Bluetooth for wireless communication. I strongly recommend you LMX9838 can be interface serially with any microcontroller.
HI...this is very urgent!!! I have a microcontroller 18f452 Interfaced to SD card. I use 1Gb sd card. The desired connection is : sending .txt file from microcontroller to an email through wireless or whatever but without wiring, Can anybody help MEEE!!!!!
Hi, i am new to PIC microcontroller programming. i just installed the MPLAB, when i testing with the code online which i think is error free, it failed to build. it comes out the message below: Build C:\Users\Fei\Desktop\Final Year Project\PIC code\test\test1 for device 16f877a Using driver C:\Program Files (x86)\HI-TECH Software\PICC\
Hi.. I am using PIC 16f877a microcontroller and SIM 300 GSM Modem Actually I can send sms using SIM 300, can receive the message location and displayed that on lcd. Everything works on hyperterminal. But in hardware i couldn't receive the message from the modem.I couldn't find the problem..
Please, am new to the project world. I am also a newbie at this forum. Pls i need help concerning this project. I am meant to 'get speed' and 'set speed' using a GSM modem, PIC 16f877a, LCD, DC motor, Optical encoder. I don't know how to program the microcontroller to set the speed using PWM and get the speed from the Optical encoder.
i did not get the question correctly, as far as i understood, this is the answer: 16f877a is a 8-bit PIC microcontroller designed for control application, so u can easily control the on-off or state control of the camera using normal port switching, also u can program when to do it. But the controller is not capable for image processing or capture,
hello, I am planning a project in the field of data acquisition and monitoring using nRF24L01 module. I will need to use microcontroller for the purpose of interfacing a temperature sensor(LM35) and humidity sensor(HIH4000). I need to send the values sensed by the sensors to the nRF24L01 trasceiver via the microcontroller for the purpose of transm
Hi in pic 16f877a which instruction that allow timer 0 will start if i have configured it
I've done UART communication,with virtual serial port driver. Hope it would be helpful to you the newbeez to microcontroller. Here is the sample code in Mikro c and simulated in ISIS. :)
Please do not be offended, how familiar are you with the microcontroller (PIC16f877a)?
please can anyone assist me by going through this code, the LED is to come on when the switch is on and the pir sensor detects motion.. this is the code //all these # below set up the PIC //#include <16f877a.h> //#device adc=8 #FUSES NOWDT //No Watch Dog Timer #FUSES HS //Highspeed Osc > 4mhz #FUSES PUT //Power Up Time
do one thing first start to study about that sensor,tx,rx,and microcontroller (hardwere,softwere)k then u ll get some knowledge then u tried to do your self (just imagine and do it k) then u ask others for help bcz i faced same problem...