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Hi all, For my term project i have to interface nokia 1202-2 with Atmega 8 microcontroller. In my project i have to send a sms which will be received by nokia 1202-2.Atmega 8 will be interfaced with nokia 1202-2 cell phone so that it can read the sms(the code written in it) and make any port high. But i am (...)
why using max232 if you interfacing gsm to controller you can see the above link for simulation connection.
hi sir & ma'am i want to use the LCD of my old phone nokia c1-01 in my project. is this possible and how the connection in the microcontroller? thanks
Hello All, Im doing a security project. In which I want to interface microcontroller with my Samsung mobile via USB interface. Here i want to access SMS application in samsung mobile., for this i need command details to do that. Means, by sending that commands from microcontroller via USB interface, i shud be able to (...)
I need some of your help and suggestions.. I learn all the things from internet. never went to college or university. i am looking for low cost gsm modem. nokia-1100/1112/1200/1203/1209/1650/1661/1662/ are not available in local market. they discontinue these phones. i have try to connect my nokia 1280/1616 with (...)
I need some of your help and suggestions.. I learn all the things from internet. never went to college or university. i am looking for low cost gsm modem. nokia-1100/1112/1200/1203/1209/1650/1661/1662/ are not available in local market. they discontinue these phones. i have try to connect my nokia 1280/1616 with (...)
I need some of your help and suggestions.. I learn all the things from internet. never went to college or university. i am looking for low cost gsm modem. nokia-1100/1112/1200/1203/1209/1650/1661/1662/ are not available in local market. they discontinue these phones. i have try to connect my nokia 1280/1616 with (...)
Hi guys, i am interested in doing small project for university about microcontroller(8052)+camera(CCTV) can any help about code and circuit diagram? Thanks in advanced
I am a electronic hobbyist and i need help to use nokia 6100 lcd(pcf8833 controller with) any atmega microcontroller preferably atmega32. i am stuck and dont know how to write driver programm for lcd. I also downloaded Ardgrafix library but dont know how to use it. I am stuck here,someone please help!
Hello all, I need help in interfacing nokia 6610 with microcontroller, (I already googled it and searched the forum for related posts) But couldn't find any good code to do the same.. If any one has worked on 6610 lcd please help me, I need a working C Code. Lcd has a brown orange flexible PCB, Dont know whether
Hi, Today I got a working vga camera module from an old nokia 6600 mobile phone. It consist of 14 pins and could be easily soldered out... So if possible I would like to interface it with any mcu... Any one tried some thing like this? If any one seen any documentation any where on net, pls share it here... :-)
ADC Conversion Clock Select bit setting for PIC16F87XA, 18F2x2, 18F4x microcontroller Also read blog entries of Tahmid on You will get a clear idea
hi i am looking for looking for java based device controller software via bluetooth and my microcontroller used is 89c51 and that software shud work in samsung lg,nokia ,motorola
device uses LCD from nokia 3310. It is a graphic recorder of voltages based on microcontroller Atmega8A-AU and its internal converter A/C. The analyser is similar to a digital oscilloscope, but the differences are the limitations of converter frequency and uC in the ana
Can I use a GSM module taking from a handset to be used with a microcontroller? If yes how? How can I identify the module in a handset which will be okay while programming with a MCU?
hi i would like to construct a mobile phone controller using microcontroller how it is possible to communicate with a microcontroller and a cellphone
nokia 6610 supports AT-Commands as well as sending messages in TEXT mode. Just connect your controller UART pins to the phone pins (RXD, TXD and, GND). microcontroller | Free Electronics and Engineering Tutorial | electrical | schematic | pcb design | electricity - Part 3 | pcb design | electri
i am doing a project on wireless networks and have designed a circiut for the same...i have used a rtd sensor to detect temperature of a certain object and connected it to a signal conditioner...and furthur a 8515 microcontroller to a nokia phone using a f-bus...but i dont know the c code for the (...)
guys I have question about using cellphone as GSM modem.. I need overview of its process just to have an idea :) as far as i know if you are going to test your cellphone is by sending AT commands. you need to connect your cellphone to PC then issue At commands but how you are going to automate that process if you want to use MICro
there are two ways to do this one is you connect ur ckt to nokia using serial port and use FBUS or MBUS protocol to connect to phone then you can send sms.. or gprs connection.. there are many ways.. to send data using nokia.. iam using this connection "gprs connection", but i have alot of problem i have PIC18F
i am doing project of "Election voting via sms" using pic18 and nokia 3315,is it a better solution to use a nokia 3315 or use a gsm modem,if yes then what is the cost of gsm modem in mumbai if any user here has done similar project.Also can any 1 mail me the source code to send nd receive sms via pic 18.:lol:
Greetings to all electronics! I am wondering, if anyone of you have ever been interfacing nokia 3310 lcd with PIC16F1824? I need definiton of ascii table for this microcontroller and this lcd. If not, I wonder if there is any chance of using same code (ascii definition for this lcd) for other chips to get it working whit exact this one? (...)
Can we connect FBUS of nokia phones directly to the Tx and Rx pins of microcontroller?
Please confirm the voltages of mobile and microcontroller to be the same. In most cases the mobiles work in 3.3v and micro's in 5v MicrCon
Dear all Please advice me, I need to know that how connect with any nokia phones with pic 16f877 microcontroller. I know AT commands and rs232 protocols and IC (please advice with phone wiring diagram with rs232 chip thanks Dayan
I can manipulate a nokia 3310 using FBUS and a PIC microcontroller, but when I try to do the same using a nokia 6230, I don't the correct bytes back. The first bytes should be 0x1E, 0x0C, 0x00, 0x7F ... etc, but I can only get all 0x00's. I've tried using an external nokia data cable plugged into the base (...)
hello,, what is your mobile??? if it is one of those with an operating system and supported with development tools like nokia's symbian and maemo, or Google andorid, or Windows mobile, then you can develop your own app using the available API to interface with bluetooth. also check this: cheers --
We are doing project on controlling the remote device using GSM SMS system. We are not going to use GSM modem or anything like this, we have to use ordinary mobile phones, and there is no computer involved in between. Is there any way to interface a microcontroller and ordinary mobile phone ? I have seen many phones having usb output (...)
I am looking for a programmer to help me or one to write two programs that I need for my thesis. I need a program for a car using a microcontroller and one for a nokia 6600 phone that will allow me to control a remote control car with a nokia 6600 via Bluetooth. I am willing to pay whoever helps me with the programs.
Pls guys, I'm in trouble. I' m working on sms messaging with microcontroller and mobile phone, I've learnt and worked on fbus protocol. I even developed a software for fbus on 5100 and its families. check this link . But now I want to do AT command on nokia (I've worked on sony ericcs
hello everyone.......... i want to interface nokia 1100 to 89s52 microcontroller using fbus connection for sms based device contorller project. 1) does nokia 1100 supports fbus protocol ? 2) and if it supports plz post connection details of nokia 1100 handset.......... (...)
Hii i want to automatic turn off or on device using microcontroller.. plz send me a schematic.. my idea is controller should detect the signal from the message length from gsm(nokia 3310) and should control the ON/OFF switch using realys.. provide me diagram and codes.. will be helpful thanks in advance!! (...)
Hii frnds... check this below circuit tell me serial communication works here ?? its about FBUS protocol.. Im tryin to send sms from microcontroller via nokia 3310.. Thanks in advance!!! With regards, Jagan
In my project I just want to send AT commands to mobile so for that will I define a virtual COM/Serial Port like its in PC? Can you please refer to some project in which mobile and microcontroller are connected through USB? I don't know what your motivation is for using a USB interface, but it adds a lot of complexity to
Hello, I am doing a project, I have to send and receive sms using microcontroller. I am using AT89s52 microcontroller and nokia 6610i mobile phone. I have successfully sent and red sms from hyper terminal of PC. So nokia 6610i supports required at (...)
Who can suggest me which old GSM phones are suitable for easy connection to any microcontroller through standard serial connection? An old GSM phone can cost even less han 10$ on ebay! But nokia phones, for example, does not usually support AT commands, they use FBUS and MBUS protocol, so they're not suitable.
Here is a attachment for nokia 1100 lcd interface with avr microcontroller. I have tested with atmega16 and 32. SPI is not used . Any four pins of the microcontroller is enough.
Try the PIC16F84A and a nokia 6610 mobile phone. These are the simplest devices you can ever find. The nokia 6610 has a serial cable that can be connected to the PC serial port. You will cut the cable and connect the phone to the microcontroller directly. Hope this helps.
Which part are you asking about? The microcontroller firmware, the door latching electronic circuit, the interface between the mobile phone and the microcotroller? Please, be more specific.
Hello, I am new to this forum. My project is Transmitting Msg with the mobile interfaced to the microcontroller. I worked with some nokia models, with FBUS protocol. There I got the Receiving of Msg, but not transmitting. In some forums I found that the Seimens C55 supports the AT commands. Is it sure??? or not. Pls help me.
Hello, I have done microcontroller Intefacing for the 3310 display. Well one of the important criteria is how you get every thing in 3.3V. Since the LCD operates at this rate. You can use the PC's Parallel port if you require. and then you can have a 5V to 3.3 V converter for the signal. I have a circuit that does this easily. It uses a resisto
What is the AT command used in programming the microcontroller? and why we use the sony ericson AT10s instead using the nokia cell phone?
HI I'm using an atmega16 with a nokia 6310i cell phone. I have written some code for the micro to send to a cell phone via AT commands. unsigned char str1 = "AT+CMGF=1"; unsigned char str2 = "AT+CMGS="/5123333333/""; unsigned char str3 = "TEST!"; void main(void) { UCSRA=0x00; UCSRB=0x18; UCSRC=0x86; UBRRH=0x00;
Hello all , I have a project this semester in which i use PIC 18F4550 and a mobile phone, I need to send digital data from the microcontroller to the mobile phone , at first I wanted the communication between them to be through usb..but that wasn't now I will make it through serial cable , for that I decided to use nokia 3100 mobile
how can i program a nokia Handset/Mobile phone to interface/interact to my microcontroller (ATmega32L)? please send me some codes and even sample program about this topic. I have a AT command for nokia Handset but how can i used it. thanks for reading my problem. for (...)
how can i program a microcontroller (ATmega32L) to communicate to a mobile phone such as nokia models? can you please send me some samples and even some program that can i try it. for example, what ever the value of the microcontroller that is attach to a mobile phone then the phone will send information to the other phone (...)
thanks mister_rf, how about its maximum current source? I want to use the battery to drive 2 servo motor, 6 line follower sensor, and an AVR microcontroller. If I have a BR-5C nokia's phone battery, can I charge it using the charger for BL-5C? I measured the voltage of BR-5C it gave me 4.1V. and the BSI give me 0V. I (...)
Hello, I am trying to do a school proiect, but I don't know to connect the display from nokia 6100 to my microcontroller. Can you plese tell me what voltages to use for pins 9 and 10(VLCD I think).. Thank you very much.
hey guys.well im doing a project in automation.i simply need serial communication between nokia 7270 and microcontroller AT89C51.the problem is i can't figure out the pin configuration of nokia 7270.I mean which pin is for FBUS TX and RX,GND,MBUS. another problem is that i know the AT (...)
nokia 3310 and microcontroller