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For bio-medical application better use Bluetooth for wireless communication. I strongly recommend you LMX9838 can be interface serially with any microcontroller.
Hello, can anyone propose me any reliable zigbee module able to connect to PIC microcontroller (PIC18F452)?? In such zigbees can I adjust the bitrate that can connects to the PIC?
Hello friends I am now in PIC microcontrollers and CAN modules, I trying to work on the project that uses 2 PIC controllers(PIC16f877a) i need to transmit and recieve data through zigbee, the transmitter side is having zigbee, PIC microcontroller, dc supply) the reciever side is (...)
hi, i got a microcontroller with zigbee connected. The zigbee is able to receive data. But may i know how can i send data wirelessly via the zigbee? Thanks.
I am working on a circuit which contains a Geophone sensor (GS 20-DX), A zigbee 900 communication module board, a dsp processor and an AVR microcontroller board. Principle of working is; geophone detects vibrations, dsp processor amplifies and converts this analog signal to digital pulses, microcontroller (...)
I don't know about a zibgee module with TTL connections, but yes, if such a one is available then you surely can connect it directly to the microcontroller. But for the module with RS-232, you surely need to use MAX-232.
Good Evening one all, As i am searching for data on internet, i came to know about this site. Please anyone can help me in clarifying me about this doubt. I have just completed my B.TECH, some of my friends have designed a system called "voice commands based home automation system" with the help of an institute in hyderbad. So they didnot hav
You can create active RFID with PIC 16f877 and zigbee module. But the size will be large. so you can select a smaal size microcontroller and CC2420 chip for RF communication
I am doing a project with RSSI positioning system on a mobile robot platform made by Nex Robotics :Firebird is a 2560 based platform and has a zigbee module onboard (in built) but the manual of the robot does not give the details that with which port/pin of the microcontroller the zigbee rssi (pin 6 of (...)
Sir, in my project i am using RF zigbee cc2500 to communicate the voice commands to the arm lpc2148 microcontroller to operate the devices that are connected as the output(bulb and fan). Is there any code necessary to the zigbee cc2500 module to work.
Dear All Expert, I need a ultra low power microcontroller to be used in a alkaline AAA 3V battery operated wireless remote controller. I need it to shut down at all time until a certain pushbutton is pressed. I also need it to had a inbuild wireless transmitter that is zigbee compliance, as I need to send AT
If the boat design will require an onboard microcontroller, then using 802.15.4, zigbee, MiWi or similar transceivers might be the most straight forward method. As not-a-moderator mentioned you can use a simple ASK type TX/RX with proper encoding/decoding, however the depth sensor, servo and DC motor control would require additional sensors (...)
i want to make communication between different 3 to 4 sensors with 89v51rd2 microcontroller using zigbee. Can any tell me is that possible and if it is possible can provide block dia or any example and how many zigbee will be required? for each sensor one zigbee will be required ? Yes one (...)
Now i want to know how to interface zigbee and 6LoWPAN with PIC18f micro controller. A simple way is to use AT commands with modules that support it. ATMEL's ZigBit modules for example. You can access the module via PIC's UART. www.atm
I want to use JN5148 (a zigbee/microcontroller) module in Proteus ISIS and ARES. I wanted to make the device my own, however, i could not assign the electrical types of pins. I do not know which pin is input or output or something else. Also in some tutorials, there shows that I need to use Microsoft Visual Studio for making device. Any help?
Kindly go thru the link ,It may be useful zigbee module interface with ARM 7 why don't u have a low cost microcontroller to interface with zigbee and sensor.
Dear Sir/Madam, I am doing a mini project using microcontroller and zigbee wireless control. I had done the hardware interfacing. I had connected my zigbee module to the serial port of my microcontroller. I prefer to program my microcontroller in C and using DS89 chipset. (...)
Are you want to make zigbee by own? Why you dont use the readymade zigbee boards? They are easy to use and have an interface like SPI or Serial for interfacing it with microcontroller's. Almost every microcontroller support readymade zigbeed boards Best regards
Hi guys, I am doing my final year project that can create an energy efficient classroom. So, I have bought PIR motion sensor and install it in the classroom. and I put a kWh meter to get the data of the usage electricity in the classroom. My problem is my lecture want me to add something like microcontroller with the motion sensor. (...)
Hello, i need to configure the Xbee and i have pair of XBee series 2 module, but i don't have Xbee explorer to configure it. I have to configure using AT89s51 uc which i have one. Please help me .
I Think I will get helpful and good guidance as usual. 1-in order to interface my Micro-controller with GPS ways to do it. 2-again interfacing controller(5 v) by XBEE(3.5V) how to do it. waiting your valuable reply THnz .
Hi , Please tell me in detail "how to interface zigbee with lpc2148?" If you have related circuit diagram and code. please send me.......... please reply...................
Hello...... i m doing project on "implementation of zigbee hardware for enviornmental monitoring system".i purchased 2 zigbee pro modules and their interfacing board and adapters.Then using X-CTU software i perform communication between these 2 modules.Now i have to do main part of project that is to sense (...)
it is possible. u have to read zigbee's datasheet where it explained types of communication protocol that can be used to interface with the microcontroller.
pls help me. i want send a voice signal through microcontroller to zigbee. pls help hoe to send and receive that.
hi.. currently i m working on a project consist of transmitter and receiver. basically the transmitter and receiver i did using microcontroller(usart/RS232). So the problem is through simulation i connected both pic using a wire. So now i want to transmit the digital data wireless. So what should i do or can i using the RF module as for (...)
hai friends, i request anyone to sugest a protocol for communicating between embedded modules. Requirements: 1. 150 to 200m range. 2. 128 devices to be connected. 3. my microcontroller is MSP 430F2132 4. EACH 128 modu
Hello, I was previously using LM1117 interface for interfacing. I was using Max 232 to get data from PC to microcontroller and interfaced lm1117 between microcontroller and zigbee connection. So, if i use Max3223 (and connect tx,rx and ground of PC)and (...)
dear friends, how can I connect my microcontroller to the analog or digital input values? example signal strength value or battery level in a cellular phone thanks in advance
Salam, I'm working for the first time with zigbee and microcontroller,referring to many documents PIC18F is the best and the most adapted to work with zigbee My question :can I use PIC 16F877 or an other PIC 16F and what is the refrence of the Emitter/receiver module in Porteus 7 Thanks
Hi; I am looking for a microcontroller that has an embedded Wireless Ethernet interface. Something similar to Jennic and other microcontrollers with zigbee interface. Thanks, Awan
Hi I want to interface a microcontroller and zigbee transceiver for home automation project. When i browsed through atmel's website. I found the following models in which they are already interfaced and available in a chip format.
For an idea you can visit the following website If you will run your microcontroller at 5v then you require 5 to 3.3v conversion at the Tx pin of microcontroller. You can also operate you pic microcontroller at 3.3v then you dont need any voltage conversion.
I am doing my final year project on bluetooth based smart home.but i dont get the module for that i am using bluetooth dongle with pc and interfacing that with 89c51 microcontroller .with the help of max232 ic..i am having a dought that how to send the control from another pc to the receiver pc .can you please help me in regarding this. it will be
There was a reply from user "shree4u" posted wrongly in report system. just do onething u can intewrface with zigbee module with ur controller in serial communication for example ur interfacing one sensor to microcontroller and that data is goint to be transmited one zigbee module with controller use cross cabel to (...)
I'm and final year electronics engineering student. I'm designing a wireless Monitoring and Control System..... There will be a Master which will monitor and control slaves located in various locations in radius of max 300m. My master will be an ARM processor (LPC 2138) and Slaves will be of 8051 family (89S52). I want (...)
HI You need to add some handshake to the transfer protocol (above the zigbee protocol) Also you can log some transfer data and check for instance whether the malfunction happen at the same place all the time. All the best Bobi The microcontroller specialist
A lot of things can be done with a microcontroller. For your project you can build a clock, or a voltmeter, for example. These can use 7-segment LED displays.
The microcontroller and the C compiler that you have experience with.
TI have a zigbee software stack that is free but works only with TI MSP430 microcontroller ! a MSP430 micro+ TI zigbee stack 2007 + CC2520 seems to be a good solution in RF and software,what is your idea? Ember EM260 can be used with any micro,this is seems to be nice. But ATMEL free stack and its (...)
I am searching project on transmitting analog signals through wirelless using bluetooth/zigbee from one msp430 microcontroller to another distant msp430 microcontroller based system and displaying it on graphic LCD on distant microcontroller . If anybody have idea please share... Sankushar
if you want a wireless solution you can use a set of receiver-transmitter in 432.92 MHz. you can use a tiny microcontroller which reads the analogue value of the temperature sensor it converts this value to ASCII and send it more than 3 meters away through the 432.92MHz transmitter. If you make a search in Google you will find many projects like th
Dear Sir, I'm using XBee modules. I want to send data using two modules by microcontrollers. This is what I did: 1- set API mode (AP =1), baud rate, source and destination addresses - only - in two modules by X-CTU software. 2- attached one module with my microcontroller and wrote a function to send data (in Tx Request (...)
I'm using XBee modules. One is attatched to microcontroller and the other attatch to hyperterminal. What is the code to intialize the module and to send data? Thanks
Does any body knows links for zigbee microcontroller projects?
Hi guys .. Anyone has any idea about the nature of the interface between the zigbee silicon part (zigbee PHY and MAC) and the upper zigbee protocol stack (on a piece of microcontroller) ? and if some one has implemented zigbee's MAC .. did you (...)