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Like most people I also use some search engine and then filter out what I need! 1- Does anybody have any documents about "microprocessor subsystems" ? 2- Where can I find these documents? 3- I don't know what exactly a "M
Normally the digital code from an A/D is analyzed by a computer or microprocessor to determine if the code is correct as compared to the A/D input voltage. Or you could convert the code to BCD and use that to drive a digital dis
Hi Everybody Could you please help me; I need to add even numbers and odd numbers separately and store the result in the Even sum and Odd sum register respectively. I'm trying a code as follow. I'm a complete novice in microprocessor. . model small .data ARRAY dB 45H, 07H, 61H, 47H, 17H, 16H, 08H, 55H, 63H, 74H Even
I am writing the code of a RISC microprocessor using VHDL, i am using Design Vision Synthesizer using ARM Libraries. I ran the Control unit code through the synthesizer and what i got back is that it COMPLETELY removed next_st(4) and i couldn't find it any where in the netlist !! Without any errors or even warnings .. Any idea why and (...)
hello all, i am planning on making a quick youtube video on the basics of downloading code onto a Microchip microprocessor... it's not the most intuitive thing in the world and I think it would be helpful. But before I do... I wanted to run my procedure by all of you who are perhaps whizzes with MPLAB X, and tell me if I'm doing something wrong or
I want to design a audio codec by using Texas Instruments PCM3070 microprocessor. First of all, lets assume I designed the circuit but I do not know what device or kit I need in order to transfer my code from computer to this processor. There are some devices called Evaluation Module or Launch Pad, are these what I need? What are (...)
i am trying to read temp sensor LM75(7 bit Slave addr=0x48) that support I2C from a microprocessor mpc8308 using evaluation kit i.e. mpc8308rdb. I have initialized i2c module by writing FDR Resistor, I2CCR resistor with (Enable i2c module,Disable interrupt, Transmit mode, Broadcast disabled). then in i2c_read : 1.i2c start condition 2.upd
I'm making a system of boundary scan and I use SN74ACT8990 to send JTAG signals which is controlled by STM32F103. The connection of the microprocessor and ACT8990 is just right and I can read or write the registers of the ACT8990 correctly. I use ACT8990 to extest the system. And I write the code which is the same as the example in the TI's issue
Hi all ! I have some problems in my code. I created different parts of microprocessor (PC,MAR,Memory ...) When i assembled the all modules i have few problems in the simulation. I haven't the same results with the complete design and with the simulation of one module (PC for example). How i can post my code because it's about 200 lines ...
Hi, I wanted to know the verilog coding for zilog z80 microprocessor. Can anyone help me in this? Actually I want to write code for the entire microprocessor but I understood few blocks functioning, and rest of the blocks are very hard to understand.. I have attached the architecture of zilog z80 Please help me in this. Thanks in (...)
I think you need to read something. You apparently have very little understanding of digital electronics and microprocessors, and there is not enough space or time here to give you the basics you need before you start playing with microprocessors.
I am very new embedded programming , I can code GPIO pin configurations for my purpose but I am given a project to code K40 microprocessor to interface with LPT1245 through serial data interface. Interfacing signals are 4 motor control signals , Clock signal for synchronization , Serial data output to printer , 6 strobe signals for (...)
Yes, you didn't mention the power requirements of the microprocessor, which can be quite different, e.g. 50 ?A, 1 mA or 20 mA, depending on which code you want to run and what's the control signal source. The difference definitely matters for the design.
For C programming i recommend 1 C : How to program 2-C Primer Plus 3-C programming a modern approach by K. N. King 4- Writing Bug Free code by Jerry Jongerius For Embedded C C Programming For Embedded Systems C For The microprocessor Engineer First Steps With Embedded Systems may be this course be helpful
Assembly code is a very low level langage ( lovest is direct binary or hexadecimal as on very old computer) Every familly of microcontroler or microprocessor has there own list of instructions. You need to study in details , the specific processor you want to use. so it needs a lot of time to be productif . after you can use macro or subroutine
80 is the year of manufacture - 1980. Some more information about 8086: Intel 8086 microprocessor is a first member of x86 family of processors. Advertised as a "source-code compatible" with Intel 8080 and Intel 8085 processors, the 8086 was not object code compatible with them. The 8086 had complete 16-bit architecture - 16-bit internal (...)
module AC ( input data_in, input load, clk, output reg data_out ); always @( posedge clk or negedge clk ) if( load ) data_out <= data_in; endmodule module ALU_REG ( input data_in,input clk, output reg data_out ); always @( posedge clk or negedge clk ) data_out <= data_in; endmodule module psw_reg ( input [2
I am working on a project to take an input signal from a microphone and turn on leds depending on the noise intensity. This is my first time using this microprocessor and I was wondering if anyone knew of a good sample code I could reference for this. Any help would be appreciated
Hi; this is my first thread in this forum:-P as my homework i have been asked to find a microprocessor verilog code which also contains an assembly code , to simmulating it in modelsim.( applying asm code to this software micro to see the result),but every micro code i've find ,hadn't any assembly (...)
what should provide the 72 bits? a PC another microprocessor, through a memory?