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Hi there, I'm new here and 'd like to learn some c language with 8051 microprocessor, and I found mikro-455 development kit that also include all the necessary hardware (e.g buttons, LED, dot-matrix LCD...etc so I don't need to solder anything at home. And I think the price is reasonable. But I find that it should also need their (...)
Hi everyone.... I'm a BE student and i hope to implement a Universal Data Logger Device for my 3rd year project. It should have 8 analog inputs and 8 DIs. PC can communicate with device via USB, and the device saves the readings inside an SD. What would be the best microprocessor for this project ? (considering cost, harsh environment e
need circuit diagrams of 8086 microprocessor mini project. please pls pls send me... thanks in advance.
Hi all... I am taking a course on 8086 microprocessor and assembly language programming. It's something quite new for me. At the end of the semester, we have to do a mini project. Can anyone suggest me any project idea that would be easy to implement. Any help would be appreciated. Thanx.
I have also recently started learning Dynamic C It provides a nice user-friendly environment for developing and debuggin, however it is a bit tricky due to not being ANSI C compliant. Your best bet is to read the manual, the sample code, as well as the book "Embedded Systems design using the Rabbit 3000 microprocessor". You should also j
Some newbie questions... 1. What is the difference between a standard microprocessor and a DSP processor? the only concept that in my head is a DSP processor can do MAC(multiply and accumulate) in 1 instruction while the regular processor cannot. . hi, hope this paper can help..
As you can see in the picoblaze forum, There is now a simple C compiler available for it and well ... 1024 instructions is a lot. We can do many different tasks with it. Finally 1024 should be extendable easily. So, picoblaze is really a good tool in my idea when you do not have enough time for a complex microprocessor such as microblaze. Anothe
hi share the performance of rabbit 3000 series microprocessor. :D

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