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Hello everyone, Can anyone send me an example for designing UWB monocle circular-shaped microstrip antenna using the awr software. I have already been working out for 4 months but I still unable to get it operates on 3.1GHz -10.65GHz. For your information, I am still a beginner in using the awr software so basically I (...)
i designed my antenna microstrip patch ....i get the desired values of s11 vswr and gain....but when i make export this file to GDSII ...and after import this file to awr its ok in shape....but the results are totally different....plz help me whats goes in.
hello every one i finish my design for wimax dual band microstrip antenna on hfss ...because of the hfss version is cracked one...and i have licensed version of awr (Microwave office)...i am looking for a way to transfer or copy this design from hfss to awr. thanks alot.
dear all I'm initially design an UWB microstrip antenna using MWO, at first I use 2 layers, layer 1 for air, and layer 2 for substrate. to achieve a target (S11 <-10) I had intended to use a groundplane by adding third layer with setting like on image. But without forming the ground patch on layer 3, there was a significant change and I got appr
The calculator over at gives me 0.156 cm microstrip line width These 1.56mm are consistent with results from another transmission line calculator (awr txline). This is a reasonable, expected value for 50ohm line impedance at 0.8mm substrate height. I have not checked the inset length, but the rati
hello all of you i want to design a metametarial based rectangular microstrip can anyone guide me here. i mean from where and how shud i start. what 1st step should i do to start my project
There is a example of awr named: microstrip Patch antenna. You can check that example to try to find any help. If you need antenna directivity, maybe HFSS can help.
Hi all, I am working on a project that involves design of microstrip patch antennas using simulation software. Please, can someone help with which type of software is good to use and where can i find a freeware, downloadable version, or trial version. Please, give me the link to get them. Thanks
this is jibran im using awr-mwo version 6.51 to design reconfigurable smart microstrip patch antenna with switchable polarization for ISM band. im unable to get an antenna plot.. when ever i add a graph by following procedure graph>add graph> antenna plot> add measurement> measure types-- (...)
I am trying to use HFSS to modal a comformal microstrip antenna mounted on a cylinder substrate. I intended to use a coxial probe as excitation. I wonder how I can draw it out.
Hi, follow this I hope, that I helped you Added after 2 minutes: exactly: The Txline calculator available freely on awr website... and 1) find
hi... i need antenna design using awr microwave office... any kind of antenna except dipole or microstrip antenna.... hurry plz.....
i've problem to get dual frequency at the same time.. my resonsnt frequncy is 0.9 GHz & 1.8 GHz.(GSM application) anybody can help me.. this is my final year project.. tq
Hello Allan, Find attached is the PDF document/presentation material shows how you can use awr Microwave Office (MWO) for Dual Resonance microstrip Patch antenna simulation & Analysis... Also attached is the MWO project file (*.emp) works in MWO2007 V7.5x.... ---manju---
Hello I am working on microstrip antenna as my project. I have used Matlab. I have problem to find return loss. I went through sheen paper and took the patch then put it to find reflected and incident waves. but i have difficulty in plotting the return loss. it does not come out similar to sheen's paper. what should I do? Please help me T
yes.! Use Agilent ADS-Momentum for your microstrip antenna analysis instead of awr MWO