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hi every body during my thesis i did my simulation for wimax dualband microstrip antenna with hfss... and i get my goals 2.5 and 5 ghz but the problem appears during fabrication where other bands appears and the desired band dont appear for example i get 1.7 3.4 and 5.15ghz plz tell me the problem.
hi every one... i am new user of hfss ....i am working on hfss 15 ...i am working on my thesis to design wimax microstrip antenna but i couldn't get any good result ...s11 is 0 - 2 db and return loss 75 db it is so bad and nothing... is this caused by waveport dimensions or another issue like there is the (...)
Hi i read posts about this subject but cant find a concrete answer, i got a cilindrical microstrip antenna its supposed to be omnidirectional in the azimuthal plane ( ripples in the radiation patter should be >-3dB of the normalized radiation pattern) HFSS lets me find the E field but what i dnt know its wicth function should i use dB10log(Eno
hi all can any tell me the latest research topics for microstrip patch antenna for thesis rehards kartik
Can any kind and generous person help me to get this paper? It is a little urgent. MS thesis 'The Analysis of microstrip wire-grid antenna arrays' Author: L T Hildebrand Year: 1992 If you have the soft copy of this work, I would really appreciate if you could email it to me: Thanks a million in adva
Hi, I have worked on a few array designs before. When you say discontinuity the things that come to my mind are: On the feed structure: corners, split junctions, feed junctions and coupling with neighbouring microstrip lines. You can also have undesired effects from coupling between the antenna elements.
This microstrip antenna can be simulated using AN-SOF.
sir, morning i have done thesis on"circular polarization of microstrip antenna using wlan ".i am unable to v-cut.i got attached it good to analysis result.
hi all! i have a small problem about my simulation of array antenna based on my master of science thesis based on the topic "modelisation and design of patch array antenna for emision and reception of internet (WIMAX) signal". the problem concern the validation check step on HFSS11 soft ware. can some on help me?
Hello, Me and my partner are trying to design a conformal antenna but so far it has been hard to find a paper that walk us thru the process. Conformal antennas is a new topic for me and that is why I need all the help I can get. How would you take a normal microstrip patch antenna array to a conformal (...)
Hi i am working on a thesis for rectangular patch antenna . and i am trying to get the simulations in sonnetlite using the directions given at the link but when i try to change the value it says error or when i run the program it says error. pleas
I will design antenna for the thesis. Do you write list hot topic antenna now?? Thanks.
u can also choose PIFA,microstrip antenna.
That is the book of broadband microstrip antenna not the doctoral thesis of G.kumar my dear friend.....!!!!
hi,thesis of mobile communication antenna