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can anyone help me in designing a bandpass filter for 2GHz to 6GHz using microstripline i would mainly like to know how the lumped elements are converted to striplines. thanks in advance
Hello, I am following the design example of an interdigital filter with symmetric coupled lines as given in microstrip filters for RF-Microwave Applications (Lancaster), page 141. I managed to calculate the characteristic impedances in even and odd-mode and, consequently, the coupling coefficients. My struggle is to calculate the spacing (...)
hi, i m designing microstrip bandpass filter at 2.4 GHz in ads 2011 using FR4 substrate.. my schematic is giving good results but layout results are completely different from the schematic.. can u tell what could be the possible errors ?
can anyone please provide me tutorial of how to design microstrip band pass filter in HFSS
Use Tools > LineCalc > Start LineCalc and select Component MCLIN (for microstrip) or SCLIN (for stripline and enter the required substrate parameters and frequency on the left. Then in the center you can either enter W, S and L and analyze the structure to get ZE, ZO, Z0 etc. or enter ZE, ZO, Z0, etc. and synthesize the structure to get W, S and L.
hello everyone, i m trying to design the 5th order interdigital microstrip bandpass filter in ADS..i don't know how to calculate the dimensional values of resonator and i don't know the exact components for designing the filter.i have used the dimensional values calculated for parallel coupled filter using (...)
Have you looked at any of these references?
I m trying to design a 5th order microstrip combline bandpass filter in ADS.but i don't know the component used for designing a combline filter in ADS.the combline have direct ground connection at one end and capacitor grounded at the other end. so,pls anyone let me know the exact component for designing the 5th order (...)
I never cease to be amazed at the variety of filter topologies hiding within ADS... I haven't used this one before! I believe the one you're looking for is the "CMfilter" ( ), which hides in the "Passive circuit DG - microstrip circuits" component palette.
Wh y do you think thinner would decrease effects of variation? Variation will still exists. But i hope that thinner coupled lines have a wider passband. Simulation shows that with some etching errors of 0.1mm with a line width of 1mm gives more than -10..-20dBm s21 attenuation (beacuse out of passband), and 0.4mm coupled line gives
I was in this situation few times. The central frequency of the microstrip bandpass filter will match pretty well x2 or :2, but the bandwidth and rejection of the new filter will be totally off, and doesn't follow any halving/doubling correlation.
i want to know approximately how much would be loss in 3 and 5 or more elements microstrip/bandpass filter at frequency above 10 ghz. in case frequency is in filter bandwidth center
Hi everyone, Can you help me to design a band pass filter using ADS and microstrip technology. The parameters of the band pass filter are: 1. Center frequency: 1.575GHz 2. BW=50MHz and the following is parameters of the substrate: 1. εr=4.6 (Fr-4) 2. H=1.59 mm 3. T=0.035 mm 4. Tand=0.02 5. Match Impedance = 50 Ohm In (...)
Parts of the front end that share both high TX power and low Receive power need to be in waveguide. These would potentially include a high power circulator, rotary joint, Limiter/active switch, bandpass filter, etc. After the high power limiter, the rest of the components can be in microstrip/stripline, etc. IF the receiver electronics we
Hi, i have designed a parallel coupled bandpass filter with center frequency of 1.7Ghz in ADS, i have tuned it by connecting capacitors at the open ends of stubs. Can any one tell me how can i connect and bias a high frequency varactor diode instead of these capacitors in ADS as i cant find a varactor diode in lumped components. If one can provide
I want design microstrip bandpass filter Fcenter = 600 MHz with methode Half-wavelength UIR with tapped-line ports and T-shaped center stub. Can anyone help mee about the calculation methode Half-wavelength UIR with tapped-line ports and T-shaped center stub.????:-)
Which simulation software suitable the most? ADS, HFSS, or CST can put the varactor in microstrip BPF? Show me plz, I'm very new, thank you my friends.
i am designing 4-5,5-6,6-7,7-8GHz bandpass filters which dielectric constant is good? what substrate height is good? please help me.
Hello, I have selected bandpass - microstrip - hairpin bandpass filter - standard open ends topology. I am not able to increase the order of the filter to more than 8. Why is it like that ? is it a software limitation ? please reply. cheers
Read Hong&Lancaster "microstrip filters for RF/microwave applications" and all will become clear to you. It contains practical techniques also that can be used in conjunction with a simulator to optimize the coupling factors (spacings) and external Q-factor of the first resonator.
Search the net for the freeware Ansoft Designer SV (Student Version). This will do simple microstrip filter simulations as you need.
Hello Guys, we have the order to design a bandpass 3rd order Chebyshew 0.5dB ripple from 5-6GHz in microstrip-technology. Our Professor teached us, how to calculate this with physical elements and only shortly described us, what microstrip-lines are. Now, it is our work to design this filter. So, he does not care, how (...)
microstrip filter can't reach so wide bandwidth, you must use special microstrip structure to do it.
Hello, The Best microstrip filter book I like & suggest is "microstrip filters for RF/Microwave Applications" by JIA-SHENG HONG and M. J. LANCASTER which shows step by step procedure using CAD tools... Also Try using Nuhertz filter Solutions filter Synthesis tool.... Its great tool (...)
u can use ifilter in AWR to design a hairpin. ifilter can be opened in wizard branch in project tab in AWR. you can see the help about ifilter. First you select filter type(BPF,LPF……), then select filter realization type(microstrip, stripline……). see attached pic
hi... i'm new to this software, cst microwave design, so i really need help regarding this software. i need to design a microstrip hairpin + stripline bandpass filter for UWB application. can any of you recommend a tutorial or lab sheet or books that i can download it as my references?.
hi...can anybody tell me which type of filter design recently used for bluetooth?i've been searching this thing but still dont get me plz... and if i decided to fabricate parallel coupled line what is the advantage of it compared to hairpin filter?
hi i am working with microstrip filter using ads 2009. i designed two bandpass filters. now i need to design filter using dgs and complementry split ring . it is very urgent. i donot know ti design in dgs. pls if any one knows help me to desig in dgs and let me the books for microstrip (...)
Hi.. I designed a microstrip bandpass filter in Ansoft Designer 4. I want to import this into circuit design. So I exported the Mag/Phase details of the S parameters in .s2p format. (S11 S21 S12 S22 Mag/Phase). In the .s2p file, I also included the # GHz S MA R 50 In the Nexxim circuit design, Project -Add Model - Add NModel and (...)
i am working on "design of bandpass filter on microstrip for uwb lower-band" kindly help me on this topic There was an excellent overview paper of UWB band pass filters, with many examples, in the June 2010 issue of IEEE Microwave Magazine (Vol. 11, Number 4, June 2010). This describes and compares the different topol
hi I try to simulate a microstrip bandpass filter but I face this this is my hfss file and manual of this project: I'll be glad if someone help me. thanks.
Hii I am new to microstrip filter design. Can anyone tell me good reference material that helps to do quick designs using ADS. Also, if anyone can help me with their layout projects, suggetions. At the end of this project I want to have a bandpass filter for 2.4GHz on FR4 with good out of band rejection (...)
i want to design a microstrip narrow BPF at 775MHz with 10MHz bandwidth. i simulated combline and interdigital filters using genesys eaglewre but the problem with above filters are... 1.interdigital---dimensions are large(10cm) 2.combline---if the capacitors are changad from 10pF to 10.05pF,the response is changing very badly......dey r (...)
You can easily make such a filter with LC technology which has a better performance at this frequency. Why do you have to make microstrip filter?
Hello guys! I would like to design a microstrip bandpass filter with a BW@ 3dB beetween 5.7 GHz to 6.8 GHz . My question is what is the best topology hairpin, coupled line? what is the best subtrate? thank you for your help
Hi everybody. I'm a new member of this forum. Can you help me to design a bandpass filter using ADS and microstrip technology. The parameters of the bandpass filter are: 1. Center frequency: 1.575GHz 2. Bandwith: 50MHz and the following is parameters of the substrate: 3. εr=4.7 4. H=1.59mm (...)
Hi everybody. I'm a new member of this forum. Can you help me to design a bandpass filter using ADS and microstrip technology. The parameters of the bandpass filter are: 1. Center frequency: 1.575GHz 2. Bandwith: 50MHz and the following is parameters of the substrate: 3. εr=4.7 4. H=1.59mm (...)
Hello, Yes, FR4 is not good for your High Frequency filter.. Try alumina (Er 9.8)... There are good books on filter Design & also synthesis works with AWR Microwave Office... Text book: J.-S. G. Hong and M. J. Lancaster, microstrip filters for RF/microwave applications, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2001. (...)
Hello, BPF_Layout.jpg is a microstrip stub-line filter... Transversal_filter.jpg microstrip coupled resonator filter... ---manju---
Accurate filters are not constructed with LC elements at that frequency due to their tolerances,standard values,temperature effects and non-ideal models.. Also, board and its prasitic effects will shift the filter characteristics. You can build a microstrip filters on a PCB boad by EM simulating and then doing optimization.
USE die-electric resonator methods as microstrip circuits are wide band in nature.
Hi fellows, Narrow band filters in microstripline or even stripline on a substrate ? Forget it !!! You simply don´t have enough unloaded Q´s resonators. In a practical perspective, you can regard 5% of percentage BW as a practical limit for a microstrip filter and 2% for a strpline filter built on (...)
Hello everybody, Fist off, I'd like to thank this community for all the valuable information and the answers to many of my questions I've found here so far. This is my first post. Although microstrip filters are not the main part of my job, I need to design one every now and then. Up until now, the design flow I've followed is described below
1) Narrow band compact non-degenerate dual-mode microstrip filter Sheta, A.F. National Radio Science Conference, 2008. NRSC 2008 Volume , Issue , 18-20 March 2008 Page(s):1 - 7 Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/NRSC.2008.4542317 2) Compact hexagonal open-loop resonator bandpass filters using capacitive (...)
how to suppress 2nd harmonic in microstrip hairpin bandpass filter using ADS
your bandpass filter is a waveguide combline filter, just like the microstrip combline filter. Due to the loading effect of the gap capcitance, the height of the metalice post is smaller than quarter-wavelength (TEM). You can search IEEE explore, there are many papers about this kind of filter.
If you are talking about microstrip interdigital filter (this is smallest and least expensive realization), then 0.402" is good length for such filter. I include screen shoot from quick design that shows all dimension and S21 and S11 plots. This is schematic simulation only. EM simulation will provide response shifted down about 10% in (...)
hi to all i want to design a bandpass filter in c band( IEEE) i.e 4 to 5 ghz what type of filter is suitable either dielectric resonator filter or stripline filter. can i design with microstrip lines for this purpose, any replies plz thank you u can do it in both way. for low loss (...)
I'm designing microstrip BPF now and I?ve got the same problem as in doc. Does anybody know what kind of ?seeded mesh? was used in this example at site 16? There is very good distribution of tetrahedra: a lot of small ones near the irregularity and bigger
I sure you could but I'm limited to one side of board (low cost) so always use microstrip.