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I am simulating a patch antenna in hfss with a probe feed. The probe is excited by waveport on a coax similar to the hfss example. My coax height is just 2mm and radius is 1.6mm. Coax pin is 1mm radius. My bandwidth frequencies are 2-2.8 GHz. I am using the Driven Terminal solution. I am not sure if the size of the waveport radius of 1.6mm (...)
I have simulate a microstrip fractal antenna but the result is the vswr, and return loss still in narrow band, and the gain is too low as you can see it in the image, and i attach my project, if only someone can suggest some improvement 629126291362914 this the hfss file
Hi everyone I am designing a microstrip patch antenna (in hfss). the return loss is good but its bandwdith is very small about 30MHz but i want to increase it to 200MHz and gain is about -4dB. How can i increase bandwidth and gain..? There is limitation on subistrate high and Er ( both must be kept constant to h=1.6mm and Er=4.7). and (...)
I wan to find the lumped circuit model for any microstrip antenna using hfss v10. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Hello My final project is to design a microstrip antenna with a slot on it to increase its bandwith in hfss (slot on it for increase the bandwith of mirostrip antenna) Please any body if have some file on this subject send to me Or help me about this subject . Thanks a lot .