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Hello EveryOne !!! I'm a student and i'm writing a thesis about the fault diagnosis in microstrip Patch Array antennas using a SingleValueOptimization Algorithm. First, i have to implement a patch array in ansoft designer V2 using the circuit Simulator (microstrip Component) without planar EM. How i can do it ? Thank you a lot !!!!
Please any one suggest me if a microstrip multisection power divider can be drawn in the circuit schematics window then why we use EM simulation to design the same component.
Hi, I am simulating an amplifier in EM mode of Ansoft by importing the S2P file as an N-port model. Using the circuit designer with ideal loads of 50 ohms, I get the right gain (S21 parameter) of 13 dB. When using microstrip lines with physical dimensions corresponding to 50 ohm load, it shows -3 dB gain. I don't understand what I am (...)
Here are the links to my model and my plot: Hey guys, I'm totally new to HFSS and now working on a simple coupling microstrip circuit. The model is quite simple. As the images shown, I want power fed at Port1 of a long microstri
Hi all, I did simulate simple microstrip model to monitor temperature of subtrate and stripline. This work is attached on my post. When I run thermal simulation, this has a following error. This solver setup would lead to zero fields.Thermal solver stops. Other microstrip/planar models I did well but only this work (...)
negative equivalent component values, oddly enough, are not that unusual in modeling. It happens in microstrip models all the time. What is going on is that there are electromagnetic solutions to the circuit, and they have energy stored in various evanescent modes and various phase shifts. To get a simple lumped element (...)
I 'm simulating a passive circuit(microstrip filter) using agilent ads with MOM engine simulator. My problem is that by choice of a substarte (ε =10) thickness of 2.54 mm the simulation result goes wrong. On the other hand, s21 is above zero dB(for a passive circuit). I should mention that by choosing the same substarte with (...)
then these ADS microstrip components are worth nothing? Your discontinuities and line shapes are somewhat extreme, so that the circuit models are not very accurate for your case. Some combination of circuits models for normal line segments and EM model for the discontinuities is indeed (...)
hi guys :) I'm designing a series fed microstrip rectangular patch antenna operating at 26Ghz. The microstrip antenna is consist of 6 patch and feeding line is 50ohms. Below is the design by using hfss is less than -25dB s11 is less than -20dB I desi
Hi.. I designed a microstrip bandpass filter in Ansoft Designer 4. I want to import this into circuit design. So I exported the Mag/Phase details of the S parameters in .s2p format. (S11 S21 S12 S22 Mag/Phase). In the .s2p file, I also included the # GHz S MA R 50 In the Nexxim circuit design, Project -Add model - (...)
Pls, can anyone help me out. I am to generate a simulator using MATLAB code, that will model the S-parameters of a shielded microstrip circuit using Galerkin Method of moment in spectral domian. ((((Using rooftop basis function and Dyadic green's function))))) I have been trying it but i'm not getting along well. Pls, can anyone (...)
Hi, I am new here and relatively new to RF. I am trying to make a circuit in microstrip that will match a 50 ohm source to a 10 ohm load. I am trying to do it with 4 quarter-wave transformers (seems easy enough for a beginner like me) i calculated lamda/4 to be 212.59 for the roggers 6006 laminant (dielectric constant of 6.15 and loss tangent
Pls, can anyone help me out. I am to generate a simulator using MATLAB code, that will model the S-parameters of a shielded microstrip circuit using Galerkin Method of moment in spectral domian. ((((Using rooftop basis function and Dyadic green's function))))) I have been trying it but i'm not getting along well. Pls, can anyone (...)
I'm trying to get the equivalent circuit (transmission line model) for my microstrip antenna structure! are there softwares out there that can do this?
Hello everybody! Is there a possibility to simulate the inductivity and other effects of bondwires in ADS Momentum? The bondwires from my chip down to the microstrip line on the substrate are about 1mm long. But there is only direct current. thanks in advance, Gunar
Hello ayem9, The best book to learn is " microstrip Antenna Design Handbook" By Ramesh Garg, Prakash Bhartia, Inder Bahl, A. Ittipiboon and the best article is An accurate circuit model of a microstrip patch antenna for CAD applications Kapsidis, D.; Chryssomallis, M.T.; Christodoulou, C.G. Antennas and Propagation (...)
Hi every body I am simulating a microstrip splitter in ansoft designer. When I simulate it in planar-EM and I reduce the length of branches...the the resonance frequency of structure goes more higher but when I import this Planae-EM model to circuit and then add microstrip lines to branches for tuning by increasing the (...)
Hello, Has anyone been transferring ADS models to CST? I would like to parametrize the transferred model , has anyone some good practises to do that? For example to transfer simple microstrip circuit (ADS Momentum model) and parametrize it easily in CST. Regards Erno :?:
Hello everyone, I'm trying to get the values of the MCROSO (it is under microstrip transmission lines) equivalent lumped-element model. When I view this component under the help menu, I see an equivalent circuit model. Is it possible to get those values directly with ADS without having to go through the grueling (...)
Hi: I drawed a 1-port equivalent circuit model which has lumped L and C parameters and a microstrip for an antenna structure using ADS. I measured the S11 using Network Analyzer. I know the desired length and width of the microstip and I like to optimize the L and C values to curve-fit the measured S11 using ADS. Can someone point me (...)
Hello, I need to simulate a microstrip filter circit with an aperture on the gound layer. Could anyone tell me how to do it in ADS? I mean in schematic simulation. THX
I could not find a model for "microstrip step with offset" in ADS circuit simulation, neither in ADS2005 nor in ADS2002 and ADS2003. As you may know these models are easily available in "Ansoft Designer" and "Microwave Office". Would somebody help me where I can find a complete set of models for (...)
how to design a vco using a microstrip resonator?could it be simulated using ADS? regards
Hi, I am trying to create a microstrip patch antenna transmission line model in ADS. In addition, I wish to model a slot line circuit equivalent in ADS schematic? How do I do that? Any response would be greatly appreciated!
Hi there: I am looking for some closed form equation of microstrip gap. | | | | |_| _ | | | | It can be modeled as a Pi network with three Caps. Two C1 as shunt cap to model the fringing field and C2 as the cap cross the gap. I read some paper about using integration equation, variational method ... to solve the (...)