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hello, i have a problem when i design rectangular patch antenna for gps, there are words that say Defined reference frequency for open boundary condition (2 GHz) is larger than the lowest relevant system frequency (monitor at 1.57542 GHz). Please check open boundary settings to ensure accurate monitor results for the lowest frequency
Hello! I'm new to HFSS and I have to simulate a microstrip gps antenna with circular polarization with frequency equal to 1575 MHz. Using various math formulas I managed to determine the physical dimmensions of the patch ,such as the length and the width. I decided to use an inset feed technique to obtain the 50 ohms input impedance,again determ
hi everyone. i am new at HFSS and trying to simulate a gps antenna with microstrip patch and feedline. my L1 band frequency simulation results show more than one resonance frequency, that is there is several other frequencies gives resonance. i tried to change feed line witdh and position but it didnt work. how can i supress other frequencies ? is
Hi everyone, Can you help me to design a band pass filter using ADS and microstrip technology. The parameters of the band pass filter are: 1. Center frequency: 1.575GHz 2. BW=50MHz and the following is parameters of the substrate: 1. εr=4.6 (Fr-4) 2. H=1.59 mm 3. T=0.035 mm 4. Tand=0.02 5. Match Impedance = 50 Ohm In addition,
Hi. I need help about creating probe and coax of dual layer gps microstrip antenna.I substracted a cylinder from bottom sub and top sub and filled them with pec(material of coax) with raduis 0.65mm. But it does not seem to work.What should the dimensions of air box be? Should i use waveport or lumped port Any help is appreciated. -
why microstrip patch antenna used in application like Global Positioning System for its antenna?
Hello! I try to simulate a microstrip patch antenna for gps with cst, but I don't hit the right frequency. I found some equations in books and a calculator in the internet, but none of the simulation results matches the calculation results. This is the onlinecalculator
yes actually, the antenna of the gps is circularly polarized to ensure reception of a signal regardless of antenna orientation but the antenna in new mobiles is not a cord, it is recently a printed antenna (example microstrip antenna) or a dielectric antenna (example ceramic antenna) in addition to above, the antenna bandwidth must include th
hi i think more information in microstrip books by james and another book by Bahl u can choose FR-4 for your substrate by 1.6 mm heighten
Here is a line width calculator for microstrip (i.e. dielectric between the line and ground plane, air above)
hi i'm a beginner in RF and antenna my only experiance was design some structures microstrip and yagi from ieee papers for dual band and i'd like a few help please i want to make a triple band antenna (gps,GSM 1800, bluetooth) and try use it as usb for laptops or if there is a problem for the triple band can i make it dual band (gps , (...)
Dear all, I have to connect an antenna with a gps module. I placed the antenna very close to the pin (2mm). Do I have to connect it with a microstrip? Problem is the microstrip is wider than the distance between two adjacent pins. Is it true that if the distance is smalller than lambda/10 I don't have to use microstrip? Thx
One option proposed for rejection of 2nd harmonic of 900MHz use a long bended microstrip line and a resonator between lines. Other option, having smaller dimensions use DGS topology (Defected Ground Structure).
I found it on" the compact broadband microstrip antenna"
Hi, Serenade is not good. I made a simulation about gps microstrip antenna at 2.4G using IE3d, it seems good with test data. good lucky!
For single (or possibly doule) layer microstrip, there some "simplified" formula for the strength of surface wave excited by a printed dipole. I suppose this is helpful. Unfortunately I don't remember the title of the paper. I thought it was written by Pozar and his student.
Hi dinone I have here examples of microstrip printed antennas "considerations for gps antenna for automotive applications" scale it to your freq. PL
hello friends...i'm beginner in this forum....i from Malaysia....anybody can help me to design 1.5Ghz microstrip antenna for gps receiver...plz email me at
I found a microstrip film antenna if it suits your application. Search for gps and it will appear under Multiband UHF Film antenna (MP.1) minimum order no. of 100 number from a company in ireland though. Cheers, Element7k
I have seen quite a number of gps antennas. They are all microstrip based with a LNA. I think that they are circularly polarized. Indeed they are to be used at 1575 MHz as mentioned by you. However, I do not know anything beyond this. Any help regarding this is welcomed.