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Hi, Can someone educate me how to choose the separation distance between ground plane and microstrip line. I had read somewhere on internet that smaller seperation between ground plane and microstrip line reduces the inductance and makes the high frequency response better. Is it really the case?. What are the drawbacks of choosing larger sepera
I can imagine a planar loop antenna, but no microstrip loop antenna, because the ground plane would short the loop.
(868MHz, 10 layers with a circumference of 6mm radius for each one). These are my questions: Can I treat my antenna as a "Circular microstrip ring" type? And if so, which dielectric should I choose a high permittivity one (er) or another with low one? Yes you can, but it will be only microstrip ring ( some kind
I had two s21 maximums when tried to optimize, and both phase is near zero and high gain. I cant understand where it comes from, because i altered only gate stub length. Maybe it matched gate to other frequency. Also i reduced microstrip resonator coupling to quaterwave, original is almost halfwave and gives ugly filter s21. Results look well in si
I have seen many papers on AIAs (active integrated antennas). It uses radiating patch as resonator element in transistor feedback loop. On the other hand usual RF systems with microstrip resonators have metallic enclosures over oscillator part. As AIA have no any enclosure, and resonating patch is outside, is it possible that enviroment objec
Hi.... I am working on microstrip Stacked Patch Antenna for Broadband Application. In Stacked patch configuration, size of loop in smith chart caused due to coupling between two patches (top and bottom) governs the bandwidth improvement. Tighter the coupling, bigger the loop is and lower the coupling, smaller the loop (...)
i'm gonna use capacitively loaded loop(CLL) along the feedlines of the microstrip patch antenna to design UWB can i use ansoft hfss for placing (CLL)?Then also tell me which material can be used for CLL?Pls do reply me.
is this for data receiver margin testing or loop stability margin test or noise test?? an All Pass Filter Design, microstrip, stripline or coax? switch depends on test?? Can you use hot carrier schottky diodes?
Hello, i'm designing a microstrip band-pass filter. using ansoft designer and hfss spec: 8GHz is the centerfrequency, 200MHz bandwidth (return loss should be >20dB in passband). and I need a attenuation of 40dB at +50MHz from pass band. Can someone help me out? I am not able to get the attenuation immediately af
Yup! When a microstrip spiral is made to be large it blurs into being a "small multi-turn loop antenna" (try searching for that instead..?) - a inefficient, narrow band structure whose radiation characteristics depends strongly on its' size, ohmic resistance etc. Note that there is another class of spiral antennas - one where a [balan
hi guys :) I'm designing a series fed microstrip rectangular patch antenna operating at 26Ghz. The microstrip antenna is consist of 6 patch and feeding line is 50ohms. Below is the design by using hfss is less than -25dB s11 is less than -20dB I desi
1) Narrow band compact non-degenerate dual-mode microstrip filter Sheta, A.F. National Radio Science Conference, 2008. NRSC 2008 Volume , Issue , 18-20 March 2008 Page(s):1 - 7 Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/NRSC.2008.4542317 2) Compact hexagonal open-loop resonator bandpass filters using capacitive side-coupled stub and spurline tech
can anybody give me the complete procedure to design the microstrip square open loop resonator BPF using ADS with required equations.
433MHz is relative low frequency for a microstrip antenna (70cm wavelength) and patch or dipole will be too large. I would recommend a modified Inverted-F, or small loop, or meander antenna, if you want to go microstrip at this frequency.
Hi all, I'm a student and as a part of my study I learn the IE3D program for antennas' simulation. I try a simulate an antenna with the following parameters: microstrip patch antenna with L=W=46 mm, the probe feed is at (-17 mm,0) and there is also a shorting pin at (-22.6 mm,0) with a radius of 0.6mm. The patch lays on the substrate with dielect
hi to all i want to design a microstrip filter with .15 fractional band width , which type of filter can give suppressed spurious or second harmonic, suggest me and want ot know which filter give better result either hair pin filter or interdigital filter for low spurious and low insertion loss and good return loss . if any other filter is t
Hi. I am currently designing an antenna that needs to have a high magnetic field strength. Is there any specific features or golden rule that i need to follow on to get something out? Thanks in advance.
Hi Zoarbary See the Images attached. In first attachment, you will see a microstrip resonator in feedback insted of DRO. But the technique looks same. I think The oscillator shown in the application note is is not designed by negative resistance oscillator design technique. See second attachment. You need to adjust phase shift. [color=red
Hello, How can we calculate the unloaded Q factor of microstrip resonator say the open loop square resonator or hair pin resonator? And also does the same method is applicable if we want to calculate the Q factor of slot line resonators. Can we use Ansoft HFSS's eigen mode solution to calculate the calculate the Q factor, because it gives th
hi friends can any one tell me how to couple microstrip resonator in feed back loop of transistor(GaAsFET). I want to make oscillator of 5.8GHz. I want to give 180 deg. feed back. should I use lambada by 4 or lambada by 2 resonator. how should i connect it?(i.e couple it or tap it.)