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Same length of various transmission lines like: stripline, microstrip, coaxial, waveguide, twisted-pair, etc, would give totally different phase shift. On top of this, the same length transmission line made on the same approach (stripline, microstrip, coaxial, etc) would give different phase shift if they use different (...)
Hi, I've been designing 2-bit phase shifter based on microstrip, all i want to ask is how to measure the phase shifter to gain the S-parameter? Thanks
I can't understand, S-parameters affect somehow 180deg phase line between active devices of push-push oscillator? There are few S parameters, wich of them must be taken into account, or maybe none of them? In case of common resonator, if resonator itself is a 180 deg phase, i think lines from resonator to both oscillators can be any lenght, but
hi i want to design switched line phase shifter for 8X8 microstrip patch array antenna at 35GHZ using transmission lines. Can anybody give idea about how to design it in ADS ?
Heya rf1008, As you've found, lengths of transmission line work fine as phase shifters for single frequencies but are useless for broadband operation. For wider bandwidths (on the cheap - i.e. without using turnkey solutions such as ), I've had a great deal of success with combinations of f
hello every1, I am working on X-band analog phase shifter design, need some help in LANGE coupler design (using ADS for simulations). I want to design above coupler using microstrip for material having dielectric constant=2.94, i m not able to compute w/h, s/h. Also how to consider laminate (dielectric constant value).
You can use a mmic phase shifter chip, such as The trick will be to find one off-the-shelf for your 1-2 ghz frequency band. You can design your own phase shifer, using time delay length of microstrip line that get switched in/out. The benefit of this approach is that you can
Hello !! Actually m designing switched line phase shifter and switching using PIN diodes(series-shunt config) on 50Ω microstrip, with substrate ε=2.2, h=31mils. For providing Bias to PIN diodes i have used Radial stub and λ/4 high impedance line.The biasing is such that At the series shunt configuration when series diode (...)
Hello, everybody! I model a planar ferrite phase shifter with a meander-like microstrip like this one - Experiment has shown that losses are equal 2dB. Is it possible to have losses about 1dB? Any help or paper is appreciated.
hi can any one help me in getting the matlab code for microstrip delay transmission line phase shifter with 3 bits or T junction power divider
Hello, I found some simple examples of the microstripe phase shifters at the CST and IE3D examples see attach. Please could you know, where was this structures publicated or where can I find some information about this microwave circuit ? Somethink like basic princip or How-to design and calculation ? Thanks for information
Is there a topology for design of a (2~3 octave)? I prefer in microstrip technology 8~18 GHz
Dear all I want to design a wide band phase shifter (90GHz-220GHz) based on microstrip technology (Niobium superconductor) Schiffman phase shifters seems to be good for that Could anyone give me some technical notes concerning such things or if I am wrong, suggest another technology. Thank you
Dear all, could you give me some advice or paper about 8 bit digital phase shifter.Frequce is 2 to 6 it can be maked by microstrip? Thanks very much for your view and help.