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Hello, I need advice for two projects. I'm new to designing high power RF circuits. I'm designing a directional coupler in stripline at f0= 638 MHz. The input port will be handling 300 W. The PCB board used will be RO4003C. I've used the Rogers Impedance Calculator on their website and am getting high temperature increases(40 C +) from am
Is almost impossible to carry a 10kW RF signal using microstrip transmission lines. You need special coax cables, or waveguides if frequency is higher.
There is a section in this book regarding microstrip power handling:
Depend on the power level. Cavity filter will allow more power handling. However for low frequency does not matter, microstrip size is prohibited(f~164MHz for example)
Hi, everyone. For the textbook, it always says that the printed microstrip antenna power handling capability is relative low. I am wondering how can I determine the power handling capability of the printed antenna. If the input power is over the limit, what will be happen for the printed (...)
hi, i am looking for the theory of power handling capacity of microstrip lines, so that i can then apply it to find the power handling capacity of microstrip power dividers and couplers. if anybody have any info on these matters plz share them on this forum. with (...)
what is the maximum power the microstrip antenna can transmit?
i designed a microstrip patch antenna for 2.4G . now, 1) how do i calculate it's power handling capacity (i know it's like an capacitor with plates of unequal areas) 2) wat would be the range of such an antenna if the same antenna is kept as tx & RX on top of say buildings with LOS data link!! how do i know the range of the link?
i would like to design microstrip transmission line.can anyone explain how to calculate the power handling of the transmission line.i would like to know the minimum line width for a given power input.
High power in antenna can cause voltage breakdown and excessive heat (due to conductor and dielectric antenna losses), which would results in an antenna failure. Usually the maximum power for a single microstrip antenna for frequencies <5GHz shall be less than 50W. At 20GHz the power is going down to <20W Greater (...)
I want to design a highpass filter.the pass band need to be 6G-12.75G There maybe three choices:microstrip ,coaxial line,stripline As I know ,when the frequency is increasing, high modes will appear in the transimission line, this is the cause for deterioration in the high frequency end. I know that coaxial line's high mode will be higher than
Can anybody tell me how to calculate the power handling capability of a microstrip antenna or device. Expecting some materials and close form equations. Thanx in advance :?: :idea: :!: