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how will i design microstrip antenna with slot using HFSS software? pls i need help!
Hello! i searched for some papers about slot antennas. But it is still unclear what are main benefits of using them. I do not see they slimmer than conventional microstrip patches. Are they hard to design related to conventional microstrip arrays? what design i can start with to prototype (...)
Hi every one, i am doing my final project,help me to design microstrip antenna using 2x2 antenna array with u slots on it to increase the bandwith of it in ads. and how to start my design, is there any design formula for u slot dimensions...?
hi every one: i have 2l microstrip antenna for wimax technology designed by gives some value for s11 about -3.5 db it is less than what i am expected ...but my problem whenever i do any changes to my design the s11 curve shape like curve...(however in the beginning it give notch)..there is no notch at specific frequency (...)
hi every one... i am new user of hfss ....i am working on hfss 15 ...i am working on my thesis to design wimax microstrip antenna but i couldn't get any good result ...s11 is 0 - 2 db and return loss 75 db it is so bad and nothing... is this caused by waveport dimensions or another issue like there is the (...)
Hey, in order to design dual band microstrip patch antenna, first of all you have to decide the type of patch element either rectangular, circular, square or triangular. You also need to find some reference papers based on slot configurations and then you can choose either C slot, H slot or (...)
Hi all members, I have been asked by my Professor to design the following antenna and try to optimize it by increasing its BW to 4 GHz..I am getting a BW of only 2GHz. 87464 87465 I have experimented by varying the stub length and slot length as per reading some papers but still got nothing..
Hi all, I'm trying to understand the design process of a microstrip to slotline transition for a vivaldi antenna. The microstrip width at the antenna port can be calculated to meet the desired Z_0 value of e.g. 50 Ohms using one of the online microstrip calculators. In (...)
I am designing a RHCP microstrip patch antenna by cutting the diagonal slot of antenna. The operating frequency is 1575.42MHz. I am able to get the Fc through my design, but the problem is I can't get a good polarized gain and cross polarized gain. My lecturer told me the different (...)
hi its not difficult you can simulate it with a helix antenna or if u want microstrip u can u slot antenna with small reflector under it
Hi can anybody tell how to increase gain of microstrip patch antenna design in hfss gain depend on which parameter length width or height Er kartik ---------- Post added at 09:53 ---------- Previous post was at 09:40 ---------- I have drawn a single patch only not array
Hi i am working on a unit cell of a reflectarray patch antenna with slot coupled to a microstrip. I tested the antenna with a micro strip excitation. Now i need to test it by exciting the antenna using floquet port. So i put master and slave conditions floquet port and then what ? how to proceed after (...)
I want to design microstrip rectangular patch antenna at 1THZ frequency using CPW feed design i want to use U slot please tell me how to choose substrate, dimensions for patch, cpw feed line, location of feed point
hi , i have a problem about the designing antenna. if you know how i can design antenna with HFSS10 please tell me. this is my homework's title ''Single-Layer Single-Feed Dual-Frequency Circular microstrip antenna With an Offset Open-Ring slot'' if you know something (...)
hi guys, i have a problem about the designing antenna. if you know how i can design antenna with HFSS10 please tell me. this is my homework's title ''Single-Layer Single-Feed Dual-Frequency Circular microstrip antenna With an Offset Open-Ring slot'' if you know (...)
So, is there actually no equation in order to design the dimension of the microstrip line?? The width of the microstrip line (Wf in your picture) is given by the line impedance (usually 50 Ohm). The slot width (equal to Wf in your picture) should not be critical. ---------- Post adde
hello sir, i have designed C-slot planar shape antenna through MS feed line technique (driven model-solution type ) for 2.25 ghz frequency.but i have got wrong radiation pattern for this antenna here i am attaching its pdf format and archive please tell me what will be the possible faults behind this (...)
Hello, I'm trying to design a microstrip antenna with 2 C-shaped slots in the ground plane as shown in the picture below,, 54608 I did all the design, except that I can't make the slots.... so I kindly attached the design: I really hope that anyone can help (...)
The answer to your second question is that the slot in microstrip patch antenna is used for impedence matching. You can refer to antenna design book by Balanis for complete details for matching using slot and gain enhancement methods. This book is a helpul reference for (...)
Hey everyone, Please, I would like to design a simple slot antenna with FEKO. My specification: A thin rectangular slot of half wavelength is to be cut on a finite conductivity, finite size ground plane. The slot antenna is to be fed by a microstrip line on a (...)