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Hi This is regarding Conventional microstrip to SIW Taper transition. How does the mode conversion take place? i.e. Quasi TEM to TE mode conversion. Which parameter plays significant role in doing mode conversion? Could you please explain me with diagrams? I am looking for an equation / theoretical explanation about role of taper struc
Hi In any transition ( microstrip, CPW, SIW...), its length should be chosen as a multiple of a quarter of a wavelength in order to minimize the return loss. Please explain me with necessary technical notes. This will be helpful to me.
Hi, In substrate wave guide (SIW) transitions, Conventional microstrip to SIW Tapered transition is used widely. 1. What is the role of TAPER structure here? 2. What is the impact of taper length ? 3. Which parameter of this tapered transition does Impedance matching ? plz explain in detail. 4. Which (...)
Hello guys, I designed a microstrip to SIW transition at CST. It has been working perfectly as long as I use waveguide port for exciting the microstrip (s11 < -20 db). but when I use a Coaxial cable for exciting everythings goes wrong. S11 is almost 0 when I use the Coaxial cable. Does anybody have any idea why it happens ? my (...)
Hello! I would like to know whether the vias in the SIW are as an empty cylinder with only metallic walls connecting the top and bottom layers or they are totally filled with metall? if the vias are not filled with metal are they filled with the same substrate dielectric ?or not? I hope you could help me to clarify those confusions as I am a new
Hi, Can anyone share a KA-band Waveguide to microstrip transition using a stepped ridge? I just need the x-y dimensions of the stepped ridge. I can help for a E-band transition. Thanks,
i have made a microstrip line to strip line transition with double slots also do it for w band.i have one question about results my return loss for microstrip line side is better with wave port of 50 ohm and on the slot side i attach 100 ohm port which is my antenna's my results are in attach file now question is that 1. (...)
hi i am trying to simulate slotline to microstrip transition and for that i want to use waveport for microstrip line and for double slot line but i dont know why every time i got same error msg that port ids assigned to internal face.i am attaching my hfss model also paper from which i got idea of this balun plz if anyone can guide me (...)
do you want a transition from microstrip to cpw or a cpw - cpw transition?
Hi all, I'm trying to understand the design process of a microstrip to slotline transition for a vivaldi antenna. The microstrip width at the antenna port can be calculated to meet the desired Z_0 value of e.g. 50 Ohms using one of the online microstrip calculators. In my case this is way lower than 1mm due to a thin (...)
Hi MobiNaz Have You looked into Waveguide to microstrip transition? i think that should be a good one to begin with there are quite a few papers available online for free and Google is Your Friend.Universities IEEE account should help you further. Regards Rotmanlens
It is not clear why you don't have any thru (Trl) in your cal kit, but only a line (trL) and a reflect (tRl). If you're thinking to do the thru connecting directly the port1 cable SMA(M) with port2 cable SMA(F), I think you're doing a mistake. In fact the TRL should have the same coax to microstrip transition in all the standards, also in te thru.
hi your design had not ground plane to contact me: He has defined the bottom face of the structure as PEC, so it does not need a ground plane The size of waveport seems to be needlessly very large. The transition from SIW to microstrip seems to be incorrect.
you can use Agilent ADS line calc To design the transition from microstrip to CPW?
i have been given an assignment on micro strip transition line to calculate "alpha", "beta",reflection coefficient ,characteristic impedance ,phase velocity and filters. plz suggest me some book (download link) or some other helping material.:-(
i'm designing vivaldi antenna with centre frequency 3.3 Ghz (2GHz -4GHz) using CST. Taper length of antenna is 90.9mm for 3.3 GHz. Aperture width 48mm(ie; > 45.5mm). Its having microstrip to slotline transition from 50 ohm to 100 ohm. I am getting efficiency >100%(because gain is more than directivity). how to solve this to get b/w 90t
Hello, I have a doubt. Working at 868MHz I have a 50Ohm microstripo line, that goes to a matching network, done with 0603 elements. The problem is that the width of the transmission lines is wider than the C pad width. Which is the better way to do the layout? do, like a transition, a trapezoidal, to go down to the pad size, or do no do
Anybody have the dimensions of the microstrip "lollipop" pattern to get me from the top of a housing, through the housing middle floor, to the bottom of a housing through a coaxial feed thru? Ku band frequency. I need the diameter of the circular part, and the width and length of the handle.
Hello, I am trying to optimize an coax to microstrip transition using an SMA connector that is available to me. I have drawn up the connect within HFSS and have run many simulations using many different excitations and by experimenting with airbox size and so on. I do not have much experience with HFSS, but I believe the simulation as I have i
can any one give me proper designing steps for 1 & 8 element vivaldi tapered slot with microstrip feed antenna with power divider network(50 ohm ) for s-band(3.1-3.5GHz) to get 3dB gain, 3dBi directivity.50 ohm(input) to 100 ohm transition(tapered feed ) can i use frequency range from 2-8 GHz for this?