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Hi Sir, i want to ask procedure for EM-simulations in circuit containing resistors, inductor, capacitors, bjt and microstrip lines using ads 2015.01. circuit shows "no EM simulation support" for Resistors,capacitors,inductors and BJT thank you
Pls, forum members i recently came across a paper online on how to optimize rectangular microstrip antenna using air gap technique. I have tried for more than two weeks without ant success, the design is in two phases. the first one is without air gap which i have uploaded the HFSS design here while i have no idea on how to design the second phase
Hello, i am designing using MCFIL component for microstrip sensor. but my S11 still 0.8 above approaching 1 . i am doing my final year project so i really really really need help here. Thanks in advance.
I'm not acquainted with CST, but in HFSS you cannot do that (as far as I know). You need to fit the equivalent circuits from the microstrip Antennas chapter in Balanis book (probably two RLC tanks regarding the two radiating edges) and then tune it using for example ads, until it fits the resonances obtained in CST or HFSS.
Hi and a good day to you, Recently , i had to learn about WLAN diplexers and i heard that using ads is the best method to deisgn it, it was designed for 2.5GHz and HPF of 5.8Ghz . i didn't know how to design it using the ads and also the microstrip design of it. , can anyone help me in guiding how to (...)
i want to make a cylinder is it possible to do that in ads. i am using a cylindrical shape patch antenna and feeding it by using microstrip line and want to match it by using lumped elements. i know how to draw microstrip lines and lumped elements, can i draw this cylindrical patch in (...)
hi,i have designed a stacked microstrip patch antenna using ads,but i dont know how to provide the apperture coupled feeding for that.could you please help me with it?
Hello sir I am making an voltage doubler circuit at 2.45 GHz in ads 2009. In this I have chosen 100 pF capacitor and 10kohm load resistor. now I am designing a matching circuit using microstrip transmission line in ads. can u suggest me how to find the appropriate length and width of the microstrip (...)
Hello I want to plot the variation of effective dielectric constant of a given microstrip line (say, 25ohm microstrip line on a substrate having a relative permittivity of 10.0 and a thickness of 0.65 mm of example 3.8 pozar 4th ed) using ads. Please suggest me steps to do it. The plot from pozar is attached. I have seen tha
Do a EM simulation and see Input Impedance from S11 on the Smith Chart. Then design a matching circuit ( L-C or microstrip ) to adapt this impedance to 50 Ohm..
hey i have design a microstrip patch antenna at freq 2.45GHz using guide from balanis book for antenna theory. my results are best coming at 2.4 GHz not at 2.45, what could be the possible error.
Hello everybody, I am simulating a rectifier circuit using discret components in ads 2009. I would like to know if it's possible to design the PCB layout of the rectifier with ads (or the layout in ads is only for microstrip simulation). If it's possible, would you please give me the different steps to (...)
Dear all, I'm doing co-simulation ads and EMpro. Following are my steps, 1. Simulate a simple project microstrip line of two ports in EMpro 2013 (student license) 2. Save the project as a library 3. Open ads (using ads 2011) and add the library to ads project. This lib. was attached (...)
Hi every one, i am doing my final project,help me to design microstrip antenna using 2x2 antenna array with u slots on it to increase the bandwith of it in ads. and how to start my design, is there any design formula for u slot dimensions...?
using a circuit simulator will not take into account the effects of the transitions between different transmission line types. As far as the solver is concerned whether it's cpw or microstrip it sees 50 ohms (assuming they both have correct dimensions). Ground in a circuit solver is ideal. A 2.5D solver like sonnet would take it into account.
Hello I am designing a microstrip balun and plan to do it by using a Wilkinson divider to divide the signal into 2 signals with equal amplitude and then a Lange coupler to obtain 90 degree phase shift between the signals. The problem is with this design I am getting S(2,1) and S(3,1) more than -3 dB. What can be done
Tlines-microstrip menu has a selection of vias with good description for each in the help documents. They are parametrised and can be configured easily, i.e. shape, dimensions, via from which layer to which layer etc.
Hi, I'm currently trying to design an LC resonator made of a interdigital microstrip capacitor and a S-shape microstrip inductor. My goal is to have a 200 MHz resonant frequency and a high q factor. Since I'm new to ads I still do not know every little tricks or things of that software. While I was looking for information on that on (...)
we have a gain equalizer designed using Mellor topology however here, lumped reactive elements are replaced by microstrip components. The design as originally designed in ads software has very good return loss and slope/freq response. However when the same equalizer is implemented through microstrip elements and simulated in (...)
Hi all 1- i want to design butler matrix with microstrip antenna array using ads2011 can any body advise me how to make it by ads i want connect different shapes of antenna with butler matrix and see the behavior of S11 and gain i want design 4x4 and 8x8 2- how i can plot gain VS frequency (...)