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For Filter design Driven mode is good specially if it is waveguide based filter. As in S-matrix solutions will be expressed in terms of the incident and reflected powers of waveguide modes. In case of microstrip based structure you can choose Driven Terminal, as S-matrix solutions of multi-conductor transmission line ports will be (...)
Welcome Foster_Ben, I usually use wave ports, but it depends on your situation. I'm not sure what you mean by "slot flatness". The setup you have is incorrect. A port needs to cover a tangential cross-section of the waveguide, see for example the microstrip port setup here. If you are trying to excite
It depends on your structure. You have to choose correct size for each structure saying microstrip, waveguide or coax cable.
Hello all , i am a starter in hfss . I have only simulated a waveguide and a microstrip line so far. I need to design a power divider with mlines in hfss but i do not know how to represent the cables or the resistance that i have. Any help will be appreciated . I am uploading my exact model created in ADS. Thanks in (...)
I believe, it is useless to excite an interdigital capacitor alone. It is always a part of some kind of waveguide, microstrip or coplanar. Create a microstrip or coplanar line, then excite it with a waveport, or lumped port (2-port pass-through model), as you like. Then I would simulate input sections of the transmission line, and extract (...)
Hi anyone. I want to know what's the meaning of this message in hfss 11(for a waveguide and a microstrip antenna array this error was occurred!): Solution setup 'setup1':Given the specified frequency and and model dimensions,an extremely large mesh will be required to produce an accurate solution.Your model and/or frequency units may be (...)
hi all i have designed a coplanar waveguide fed microstrip antenna but results like vswr, and gain are very poor kindly help me to improve this design, gain and return loss regards kartik
What's the meaning of the Zo in hfss? Is it characteristic impedance? If so, what is wrong with this hfss model? The Zo of the grounded CPWG (Co-Planar waveguide) is varying a bit obvious with the frequency while the Zo of the microstrip is not. According to the Lincalc tool in ADS, both the impedance should be the same (...)
Why is using a lumped port better? If you have a microstrip antenna with a microstrip feed line the waveguide port would be ideal? The lumped port is good if you have a feed point in the patch, for example with a coaxial cable.
Hallo, within my port_only_simulation (hfss) of coupled microstrip lines (2 top strip conductors, bottom ground layer) the even mode impedance is smaller than the odd mode impedance. Which gives negative k values. k=(Ze-Zo)/(Ze+Zo). The waveguide port covers the full plane. Any ideas ? Thanks for your help. elektr0
You need to have a probe to couple all you waveguide energy to you microstrip. There are few papers to get you started with your design, but most of you work (tuning) will be running sp in hfss monitoring your insertion loss (S21). If time permits I will locate some references for you. Good luck Bouchy
hi, i am trying to design a simple waveguide to microstrip probe transition using hfss. i have a WR-22 waveguide and the substrate for the transition is Duroid-6002. When I draw the geometry and put a probe i get about -120dB insertion loss. The design parameters (width of the probe,air gap etc. ) are arbitrary, so i dont (...)
assign two port to sma and microstrip line.
Hi All, I have an hfss simulation for a Ka-Band waveguide to microstrip transition, that I need to scale for Ku-band. The design uses a stepped ridge to transform the 50 ohm microstrip up to the 300ohm freespace. Can anyone point me to any notes/papers/articles etc that will tell me what parts of the design are frequency (...)
exactly, Do u know how can I assign microstrip feed line(in hfss) for this antenna, thanks. Added after 3 hours 2 minutes: I'm sorry, I correct my question, I want to know how can I feed this antenna in hfss, I should use Lumped port or another thing?
hi i need ur help reguarding designing of 1-directional coupler(waveguide) 2-isolator(waveguide) 3-circulator(3 port and waveguide) 4-circulator(4 port and waveguide) 5-(3 port and microstrip configuration) plz help in a very bad condition and i need to do this project in hfss. (...)
Hi there, I am simulating a transition from rectangular waveguide to microstrip, but I have got some problems on how to electrically match the two structures. I know that the parameters to play with are: probe length, probe width, and backshort distance from the probe.(I am working on an E-probe inserted into the broad wall of the rectangular w
Hi Guys, Is there anybody out there having some experience how to simulate in hfss a rectangular waveguide to microstrip/CPW transition?? I tried to simulated a probe already widely published, but I am having some problems how to set up my model...... One of my problems is how to plot the probe's impedance when I dembeed the port (...)
Hi Guys, Is there anybody out there having some experience how to simulate in hfss a rectangular waveguide to microstrip/CPW transition?? I tried to simulated a probe already widely published, but I am having some problems how to set up my model...... plz reply regards Added after 13 minutes: One
need hfss10 Transition model such as microstrip-TO-waveguide TRANSITION and microstrip-TO-COAX TRANSITION. p.s pdf examles in file please, help me! I realy need it for my yearly project!

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