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It's a tension converter SG3524 12VDC/ 230VAC 200W. It is equipped with a ventilator driver and a circuit that prevents the battery discharge. Also measurement of battery tension on three diodes. It can be powered on
The concept is good. I assume the microswitch is momentary and you can choose between normally open and normally closed. I assume the motor is DC rather than AC. I believe you'll need two batteries. You probably hoped you could get by with one battery. Don't know how to do that. See if this circuit helps. 61990[/AT
Hello :) I just disassembled my Android Galaxy S in attempt to create something like the iPhones physical sound on\off switch. When you set an Android to "silent" mode in Android you can never be sure it really is silent. so what I want to do is simply add something of my own between the speaker and the phone so that I'd be able to disconnect the
A very common setup in idustry is very similar to what you describe, a quadrature encoder. The encoder in a mouse is similar except for it doesnt have a 'z' pulse (one pulse each rev), but you allreready explained your gonna implent this sith a dimple and a microswitch. The software is fairly simple, if you get pulse a before b the wheel is going
Sultan.Al3lama, You will have to provide more details of what it is you want. First of all what do you want the robot to do, physicaly move all over the area using a simple sensor like a microswitch to map out the area. Or some kind of scanning electromacnetic system that "views" the area.
You can find all configuration details of ADCON1 on section 11.0 of datasheet-PIC16F877A. "use a microswitch in RA0,. and a toggleswitches to the rest," means all portA pins have digital-inputs (all are switches). Hence set ADCON1 to 0x06. Hope this helps you,
Do not totally understand your sketch, but it seems in the right area. What I would do is to have a "peg" on the end of the bolt inside the lock. Use this peg to operate microswitches when bolt is in or out. Then with a couple of diodes and a an ordinary DC motor and gear box you just put power out, the motor runs until the bolt is home when the mi
hi in simple way use 2 ic's 555 first one in stable mode to get long period 15 sec.. that triger second timer in monostable mode number of rotation here depend on pulse width of monostable circuit ... abt drive stage for motor u can use any general pourpese e-mosfet like IFR740,IRF840,etc. but if u need accurate number of count then ..
tool is placed instead clock in the car. Sterring program is Atmeg8 that has been written in BASCOM AVR. Elements that single out to device are two, nine-digit, seven-segments LED displays (recycling from calculator). Only 14 of 18
hi there all, :!: :D I am building a motor that has to turn a window shade, and am trying to make it automatic so that it opens when it turns light outside and closes when it turns dark. now because it has to turn only until the shade closes I had this idea of using a l
I remember doing this many years ago. I had a small vane attached to a sensitive microswitch, and placed it in front of the fan, even running slowly it manage to move the vane and operate the switch. Did not obstruct the airflow too much. I suppose you could even use a small magnet on a vane, to operate a reed switch. Only low current though. The a
I need help. I built a circuit using a PIC16f628 for timing. On power up a relay must be energised after a delay set on a dip switch (RA1, RA2, RA3). A microswitch is connected on RA0. When the microswitch is closed momentarily, the relay must switch off for a time period set on a dip switch (RA4, RA5, RA6), and then switch on again. I have written
Dear Sourour, I can reassure you, that in the air it is impossible to eavesdrop your conversation until it does not terminated in PSTN, where the GSM encrytion and ciphering due to the voice band 300-3400 Hz not exist anymore. In the air as manaman wrote really BCCH and CCCH (Common Control Channels) signals are not crypted but in those frames
Ok i'm not a laser printer hard core technician .But i buy them all the time for $10 and try to repair them to use them while the drum is still ok .. I find that most of the problems are mechanical problems open dor message has to do with a microswitch not making contact .or the plastic being worn an the closing action won't happen all the way