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hi and im new in this forum sorry if i posted it in the wrong section , but my question is this is it possible to control 2 dc motors using 4 microswitch with common , no , nc contact ( joystick mechanism ) , the forward switch will control the 2 motors forward and the reverse switch will control the 2 motors reverse , and the left switch will only
I guess your heater is run from the mains (230V?), so you want a 230V relay with contacts that will handle 1500/230 ~7A. The problem now is that your contacts will handle the relay coil current, typically 60mA but will be connected to the mains so will have 230V on them. If you use a proper microswitch , these are often rated at 230V. You could ge
For that kind of application I use a lever microswitch. Most are change-over types so you can them to turn the lights on with the door open or closed by swaping one connection. The lever gives you plenty of adjustment range and minimal mechanical resistance. If you want to do it electronically, use the magnetic switch as before but wire it to the
My circuit takes some microswitches as inputs and based on them sends some data on the serial port. After few hours it hangs randomly. I think it is because of the inputs since I connected the switches directly to the AVR port. Should I use opto coupler for example to solve this issue? Could anyone please give a solution for this?
If all you need is "there or missing", the cheapest and simplest option is a microswitch under the bike stand to detect whether there is any weight in it. Wire the switch to a power source and light bulb or LED so it shows which have a bike in them and which are empty. If you want to indicate when the switch changes state, in other words a bike
schematic of microswitch in surge arrestor???
Are you sure they are using push button in the video you link? It looks to me like they've got a back-lit panel which is probably connected to some kind of switch (microswitch, maybe).
A microswitch has a pressure sensor built in. Its spring loaded. The glass must be mounted so it can move slightly, forward and back.
I think what you want is a limit switch. This is simply a mechanical switch with some type of actuating mechanism; something as simple as a lever arm. Look at this, for ideas
Sir let me help here for a very simple but importatnt designing i ve a versatile use of my computer system (its a big chapter no need to discuss that) for which i need the operation of keyboard on a separate pads like structure as i ve to hit all the time which may damage my keyboard after sometime :( but too that hardware cant be design
What sensor are you using? #include<16F877A.h> #fuses HS, NOPUT, NOLVP #use delay(clock=20Hz) void main() { while(true) { //-------------------------------for motor operation if(!input(PIN_D0))//---------microswitch { //-------------------------------switch for reversing output_high(PIN_B2);//----clockwise
This came out of my saniflo mecerator. The microswitch has a chunk out of it. Now its difficult to identify it. Can anyone suggest a suitable replacement? Also how do i test the motor with ohm meter? Please help. i need my toilet working again! cheers Jonny You just forget to put some picture and data? [I
It is difficult to do much without a service manual or at least a wiring diagram. Have you tried somewhere like to get hold of the service manual? What is supposed to stop the relay? How do you know the relay is ok? As the unit is q
It is a small dril for laminate and other soft materials. Assumption of this construction was to create the cheap and useful device. Spindle was made of respectively bent 2mm thick aluminum sheet. The front cover
For a simple implementation, you could use a microswitch, which would require a very small force to close it. One issue to consider is that this momentary switch will only turn on the light as long as the plate is being forced down. When the golf ball bounces off the plate, the switch will open again. The "on" time will be very brief. You could
The fastest you will get a relay switching is a few milliseconds - if you drive it strongly with a high current. More likely you might manage 5 to 10 ms. If using the shorted-microswitch approach (nice idea Chuckey) then you might still want the 555's as pulse stretchers - otherwise the relay is never likely to get enough time to switch from the s
It is a RC probe with suppression of 1:10 or 1:1 and compensation by trimmer from side of oscilloscope BNC socket. The probe tip contains a 15pF capacitor, 9M resistor and microswitch switching mode 1:1. The final sc
This LED clock was based on microcontrollers PIC16F84A and displays HD1131. The program was written in Assembler. The project was made on universal board. PIC16F84A with clock quartz 32768 kHz through decoder CD4543B
It is an improved version of linefollower robot Centurio. The PCB was made in SMD ? its construction is very aesthetic. How it works Reflective sensors collect the signal which is then processed in the ADC converters
This module can cooperate with GPS receiver and AVR microcontroller from Atmega. The whole can be installed in a vehicle and be used as monitoring alarm of the vehicle state and transmitting its location to the user