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How much "high" frequency ?? Altium is not a good PCB package for RF circuits which need Transmission Lines, microwave Elements such as Lange Couplers, Sheet Filters etc. Cadence Allegro+RF Option is a good choice for these types of layouts but it's quite expensive.
I think the question is unclear. Most small SMD parts can "handle" microwave signals up to 2.4 GHz. Pad and package impedances have to be considered, as you need to do for any PCB structure that isn't continuing the designed transmission line impedance.
In most of the cases low power transistors are not multi-emitter, and they use two emitter pins on the package just to allow better PCB design at high frequencies. For example when design LNA's working at microwave frequencies and need to use emitter degeneration inductor, or to decouple the emitter on both sides of the (...)
Hi guys, I just want to share one of the point related to the design of the microwave/Rf packages ,operating at ku-band, during the design of the rf package which consist of Rf section (three LNAs cascaded together), LO section ( Active doubler circuit, and a driver amplifier) and a down (...)
Why at higher frequencies the components size gets smaller?
For what purpose? From what you describe it could be anything from a relay driver to a microwave power amplifier. At least specify the package you want, the gain range you want and some idea of the top frequency it has to handle. Brian.
Hi there is there any company who manufacture holders to mount ceramic package diods Thanks
i need to buy some PIN and Schottky diode operates in C band up to 8 Ghz , i have check avago but the diodes are very expensive is there any anothers in the market thanks in advance Khouly
New electromagnetic modelling tool delivers rapid solutions to escalating radio and microwave design Oxford UK and Aurora IL, December 5, 2006 --- Today, Vector Fields launches a major evolution of its high-frequency electromagnetic package, Concerto. Many additions to the electronic design automation (EDA) (...)
Does anybody try to design a microwave amplifier in @DS with a transistor nonlinear modeling? How accurate is this simulation prediction? Why measured efficiency is 15% more than the simulation? Seems like too much different. Is it a common problem of @DS? What could be the possibilities the simulation did not give good agreements? Rega
Momentum's simulation results are very good for microstrip filters. But better to use microwave method for simulation and use pointing of package's dimensions.
LTCC at very high frequency: 1. Advantage it is multilayer lot of place to hide your DC lines, some Rf components can be designed in the multi layer, to save place in mmics, main advantage coeficient of expansion similar to GaAs, so you don't need covar, and you can use LTCC for package. 2. For Rf-microwave components you need datasheet (...)
Hello, Can anybody pls upload the Example(Tutorial folder) of microwave Studio CST. I have a limited package and I can't run any demo or example due to unavialbility of Example folder. Hoping that somebody will do this kind favour. Thanking in advance It has 140MB so it is not possible to upload to forum. rgz
Hi all, can you explain me behavior of vertically mounted parallel plate capacitor at 10GHz. I want to use this capacitor for DC decoupling between two microstrips. How can I simulate this capacitor (I need S-parameters this two port subcircuit) ? I tried to simulate it at MWO - behavior was strange.
HbFree is intended for simulation of radio frequency (RF) and microwave (MW) analog non-autonomous circuits under multi- tone excitations. It was developed for MW mixers and power amplifiers design. package contains free version of harmonic balance simulator program "HaBala", Spice-to-Habala translator "s2h" (...)
Spectra Spectra is a FREE software package which allows you to view the spectral content of any time based data sequence. Spectra uses a Discrete Fourier Transform algorithm to convert time data into discrete frequency data, and then scales the discrete frequency data to generate the magnitude and phase of the frequency spectrum r
MultiMatch is a software package which allows you to design state-of-the-art, first-time-right RF and microwave amplifiers (class A, B) in an integrated environment. MultiMatch microLite is a lumped-element impedance-matching utility (limited to three elements maximum).
This software package is a fast, easy system which guides users to the best choices for EMI shielding/grounding and thermal interface materials among thousands of Chomerics products