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can any one help me to find this paper: H. V. Nguyen and C. Caloz, "Broadband highly selective bandpass filter based on a tapered coupled-resonator (TCR) CRLH structure," Special issue microwave Metamaterials: theory, Fabrication and Applications, Proc. of the European microwave Association, J. Eur. (...)
The book by Ian Hunter is quite good: theory and Design of microwave filters ISBN 0 85296 777 2 You may also have a look at the book by Cameron et al: microwave filters for Communication Systems: Fundamentals, Design, and Applications ISBN 978-0-471-45022-1 These books are quite new and have lots (...)
hi to all, im working on filter design , im very new to this , if any body have this book with u plz post the pdf or any useful link to down load free. thank you very much >theory and Design of microwave filters By Ian C. Hunter, Institution of Electrical Engineers
The reference books for mode matching technique and rectangular iris waveguide filters are: Field theory of Guided Waves, R.E. Collin Waveguide Handbook, N. Marcuvitz microwave filters, Impedance-Matching Networks, and Coupling Structures, G. Matthaei You may find something 'useful' at the following link www.ebo
hi can anybody give me the following article: i have no acceess to ieee resources A DESIGN OF LOWPASS filter USING NOVEL MICROSTRIP DGS ieee transactions on microwave theory and technology 2001;49:86-93 thanks a world
Hi, u can try theory and design of microwave filters by Ian Hunter Cheers If you can upload this book, many people will thank you.
Hi mate see tbis book " microstrip filters for rf/microwave applications" it has all what you need you can downloaded here alos see
Hi elf61, theory and Design of microwave filters by I.C. Hunter, IEE Publishers and Microstrip filters for RF/microwave Applications Jia-Shen G. Hong, M. J. Lancaster ISBN: 0-471-38877-7 By the by, you can find lot of stuff on filter Design and this below (...)
theory and Design of microwave filters by Ian Hunter is quit good book for dielectric resontators filters
theory and Design of microwave filters (I.C. Hunter) ISBN: 0 85296 777 2 Format: Hardback Pagination: 352pp. Price: ?52 / $93 This is a good book. there are a lot of detail design on TM/TE filter
R.W. Rhea, HF filter Design and Computer Simulation. Atlanta, GA: Noble, 1994, p. 321. I. Hunter, theory and Design of microwave filters. London, U.K.: IEE Press, 2001. G. L. Matthaei, L. Young, and E. M. T. Jones, microwave filters,Impedance-Matching Networks and Coupling (...)
hi guys,the theory of microwave filter here enjoy
Hello, I thnk a good reference can be "microwave filters, Impedance-Matching Networks, and Coupling Structures" George L. Matthaei I hope it helps you TaPa
Is here.... R. Levy and S.B. Cohn. "A History of microwave filter Research, Design, and Dev elopm ent. " 1984 Transactions on microwave theory and Techniques 32.9 (Sep.1984 (SpecialCentennial Issue Historical Perspectives of microwave Technology)): 1055-1067. An account of the development of (...)