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What are the properties of the interference for noise, reflection and transmission properties? For example from audio to microwave to visible to X-Ray range? Is this to be a passive beacon approach or active response or communicate location determined by robot. What resolution, range and accuracy is required? Beyond line of sight? within? (...)
for terresterial microwave links, yes taking curvature into account is important particularly on links that are of any distance. Its going be a determining factor in how high your antenna mast needs to be to get a line of sight path. Hence what many linking systems are on hilltops, one of the reasons is to keep LOS over a given path. Dave
I went to a TV station recently and there, they told microwave communication requires line of sight. I have read about line of sight, but can anyone tell me why line of sight is required for microwave communication?
microwave communication is a line Of sight (LOS ) communication. Does it mean UWB (3.1-10.5GHz) based WPAN is also LOS ?
Hi, Not all wireless communication systems are using line of sight configuration, For point-to-point communications (esp. microwave comm.) use line of sight, Broadcasting uses isotropic radio propagation (also HFSS/DFSS) I hope this info made your mind clear regards
hi all Why microwave waves always need line of sight and it can't penetrates the buidings like the VHF or UHF waves ?? what the relations between freq. & penetration ?? any info or ebook or papers?? thx alot bye