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hi could you please help me to find microwave antenna measurements p14.13 by hollis thanlks
i fully agree dave. While time goes on, some basic microwave problems, like converting S11 measurements into dielectric constant, never seem to show up on shareware! I too would love to see someone show, in simple language, how to do it. Sure, we can all download papers, research it, and throw it on matlab/excell and probably after a few weeks o
Dear All, I have imported a Differential trace into CST MWS, and I am using "Time Domain Solver" to get S-parameters and TDR measurements; the Problem is that we are getting wrong results.. we have used Polar software and the impedance is 100 Ohm differential.. but the TDR in CST MWS show a 3 Ohm impedance. I am new to CST MWS, it seems the C
This paper discusses the dielectric constant in paper: As the dielectric constant is dependent of frequency, moisture content, and others. This paper explains the measurements that can be done at microwave.
Electrical measurements of solid matter moisture content is a widely used method, of course with some variations depending on the application. Besides contact based measurements, capacitive or radio wave (e.g. microwave) absorption measurements are in use. I notice that you aware of the electrolysis problem, in fact most (...)
That's an interesting measurement what you are doing. Are you using the procedure described in Pozar's microwave Engineering book ?
Modelithics, Inc. - RF/microwave measurements and Modeling
Hi, I am looking for thi article from microwave journal J.J: Bouny "Impedance measurements for high power RF transistors using the TRL method" MW Journal october 1999. On the Journal website you can read articles down to 2003... Thanks and best regards. MWMM
Pls refer to microwave engineering By D.Pozar.
What is the aim of PIN diode square wave AM modulation in microwave measurements ?
Hi all, I'm looking for a tutorial on how to model a coupled line directional coupler (to be used as a phase shifter) in MWO. Anything (tutorial, basic steps to take, etc.) that you think would be helpful would be greatly appreciated!
i am new to microwave office, i am trying to make a simulation for a patch antenna, i drew 2 conducting rectangular plates separated by a dielectric, one is bigger than the other, the big one suppose to be th ground. and i drew a third small rectangular and set to be via the two layers, this should be the probe, and i checked the 3d diagram , it lo
50 Ohm is a industry standard for most of RF and microwave design and measurements. Because 50 Ohm is a compromise between 33 Ohm and 75 Ohm that theoritically gives you maximum power handling capability and minimum loss respectively. So, 50 Ohm is a optimum point between these two..
Hi everyone, What to do after completing a PhD? Whether to seek a job in industry? I am in the area of RF microwave and passive components, R&D, measurements. 5 years expirience. What is the situation today in this field RF industry? Europe, USA? Country, salary, experience? Each experience is welcome. Thank you all.
Hello, I was just started 3 months ago to use EMSIGHT of MWO 2008. I am doing a patch antenna working at 868 MHZ. I already did my EM structure and simulations about return loss, radiation pattern (PPC ETheta and PPC E Phi), smith chart but I need to know the gain of my antenna. How can I know gain of an antenna with MWO (not directivity, direct
Hello, guys I wanna see how ft/fmax changes with different Ic to choose best bias for device. How can I plot this curve in Microwavr Office? I used the transit time(TFF) to simulate ft: TFF=TF*{1+XTF*(if/(if+ITF))^2*exp(Vbc/(1.44*VTF))} and if is the ideal forward diffusion current,if=IS*(exp(Vbe/(NF*Vt))-1) Thenᦁ
Hello, AWR microwave Office (MWO) /APLAC has the MEMS model/element library such as the Capacitive switch with both physical & RF parameters & you can vary them just using the tuner & see the effect on RF measurements such as S-parameters, etc... See the attached picture file which shows more details... ---manju---
Hello maniana, Yes, you can do Large Signal impedance measurements in AWR microwave Office & its simple... First import the spice model then create new schematic & add the Ideal Bias Tee's at input & output & bias using the source blocks... Finally add HB port at input & set the power in in dBm then add measurement such as Lssnm for inpu
I have a problem with the use of the load pull, when I want to add a measurement, the following error occurs: "Project contains no valid load pull measurements" I upload the project in case you want to see Thx!!!
Hello Sameera Nanayakkara, attached are the articles on Diffrential Impedance..Which I think helps you to understand on the same... Also AWR microwave Office (MWO) has inbuilt easy to use measurements for Diffrential circuits (for example see the attached document)... ---manju-