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Fortunately, you do not have to do huge simulations to get the basic design information on directional couplers. Before even you use microwave Office, look at Then in microwave Office, look for Open->Examples, and offer the keyword "coupler". You will find various couplers dir
There are many, many books about microwaves but I would place in top of the list the book written by Joseph Carr: "microwave & Wireless Communications Technology"
I can't give you a for sure answer but maybe I can offer some clues. I'm assuming you are using the transient (FIT) solver on microwave Studio -- so perhaps look at it from a time domain perspective. Your excitation is probably a gaussian pulse which contains all frequencies that were specified by you in the frequency settings of the model so
hello all I am final year mtech student of rf & microwave engg. very soon wud be looking for job oppurtunity in my deptt. but its hard to find rf microwave companies in ind........... othrwise i am thinking of pursuing Phd ........ kindly suggest me any good rf microwave companies in india & instt. that offer Phd in rf (...)
I do design consulting on such things, and also offer a flat-rate design review service for microwave boards. Rich
California microwave , i think, offers microwave components.
I think WIMAX: Worldwide Interoperability for microwave Access NGN Security NGN services
first of all , try o go and download the diodes models and download the stephen Mass book , microwave mixers khouly
Many literatures offer a crude rule to decide whether a microstrip can be treated as lumped or distributed: length < 1/10 lamda of wave on Si-SiO2 there exist several modes when wave propagate on Si-SiO2 substrate. some papers give detials analysis. This substrate is different from tranditional microstrip on dielectric material in common text bo
could somebody offer me all the freescale's LDMOS library for AWR microwave office 2004? everytime when i perform a design ,i must use XML's library ,which is time-cost.....thanks
Hi, For DRO design, u can refer to the book by Kajfez, its titled "Dielectric Resonators". I am attaching an article published in microwave journal, it may help you to begin the design. For more u can refer to the sites that offer appnotes like They are also very useful. Cheers!