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Hi In the yield analysis example, I am trying to plot YSENS measurement for capacitor and dielectric, but nothing comes up irrespective of whether I select Histogram or rectangular to be the type of the graph. The simulation runs, but nothing appears on the graph. How do I plot these component sensitivity histograms ? The project is a simple
hello while simulation VCO in (microwave office/Analog Environment) by AWR using 0.18 um Tech. i am finding following problems Pl help me to fix these problems 1) measurement - VCO_SSDEL:OSC_FREQ() : measurement requires an oscillator simulator 2) measurement - VCO_SSDEL:Vtime(DCVS.V4,1) : Unable to (...)
Hi all, I am feeding a diode with a 5.3 GHz frequency, 10 dBm RF signal. I want to measure the input voltage produced by the RF signal at the input of the diode in simulation in microwave office. Any clue how to do that? Thanks in advance.
Can somebody help me know how to calculate Q for a T network. How can matching of a load using T network be achieved in microwave office?
hi everyone would you please help me measuring the group delay of a two port network using microwave office? your fast answer will help me too much thanks in advance
Hello, guys I wanna see how ft/fmax changes with different Ic to choose best bias for device. How can I plot this curve in Microwavr office? I used the transit time(TFF) to simulate ft: TFF=TF*{1+XTF*(if/(if+ITF))^2*exp(Vbc/(1.44*VTF))} and if is the ideal forward diffusion current,if=IS*(exp(Vbe/(NF*Vt))-1) Thenᦁ
Hi! I've a problem with S-parameter measurement in microwave office. I want to compare S-parameter from data sheet with a nonlinear transistor model (BFP450) but I don't know how to make a proper bias. I've already downloaded data files from web: Thanks for hel
I have a problem with the use of the load pull, when I want to add a measurement, the following error occurs: "Project contains no valid load pull measurements" I upload the project in case you want to see Thx!!!
Hello handsprince, First select the device then follow th below mentioned instructions to simulate & analyse the Power Amplifier in AWR microwave office (MWO)... Step 1: Get the IV Curves by placing the model & IV Curve tracer measurement block--If these results are matching with data sheet results then Step 2: Build the small signal (...)
Hello, I downloaded various S-Parameter .s3p files of 50 to 200 ohm baluns for 2.4Ghz operation from various vendors (i.e. TDK, Anaren, Johanson) and just want to verify that I get 200 ohm on the differential balanced ports. In looking inside the S-parameter files, they define port 1 as the unbalanced port and ports 2 and 3 as the balanced por
Hi all, I'm investigating a predistortion method for improving PA linearity and have some questions: How I can measure power spectral density for PA's output signal? How I can realize nonlinear function? How do measure a transfer function (Pout=f(Pin)) of PA? Thank you.
How do I obtain the IP3 in ADS and microwave office?