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In most of the cases low power transistors are not multi-emitter, and they use two emitter pins on the package just to allow better PCB design at high frequencies. For example when design LNA's working at microwave frequencies and need to use emitter degeneration inductor, or to decouple the emitter on both sides of the package. In these (...)
Can any one please provide me the detail that how and where to get the Non Linear Model for a power RF/microwave Transistor, specially for Toshiba transistors (Example: MGF0906B etc).
Hi, I am looking for thi article from microwave journal J.J: Bouny "Impedance measurements for high power RF transistors using the TRL method" MW Journal october 1999. On the Journal website you can read articles down to 2003... Thanks and best regards. MWMM
If it is not possible, as you say, then how is possible harmonic balance simulation or "load-pull" with microwave simulators such as AWR? I have a PSPice model of a transistor (eg. BFG591, BFG540W), how do I get to know the optimum input impedance or the output impedance? in particular the reactance component of it.
Hello Andrew77, The shift may be due to lot of factors such as.. the first foremost issue is you need to have good device models for all Linear/Nonlinear devices you use, try to use the Spicemodels... check the individual device model charcteristics againest the datsheet details if they are matching or almost matching then proceed with the de
These two companies made a full line of RF and microwave power transistors a few years ago. I tried searching for them and cannot find any reference on their site or on Does anyone know the name of the companies they spun off to make these transistors or if they stopped making them.
Hi, Egemini these may help. Motorola AN721 Impedance Matching Networks Applied to RF power AN1033 Match Impedances in microwave AN267 Matching Network Designs with Computer Solutions h