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Hi guys, I'm begginer at plc programming and i dont have any software for it. I tried to download STEP 7 microwin, but it doesn't work. I need any easy plc software for begginers. ( i m using windows 8 and i couldn't set up virtual pc so this software must be compatible with windows 8 ) Thanks, Cck
I have a microwin 3.2 for Siemens PLC S7-200. The problem is that this software does not have the help in it. Can this help feature be downloaded seperately and then added into the software. I have already searched quite much on the Siemens site. But have not found the setup or files for such help tool. please help
Hi everyone. I'm working on an automation project and I'm using Siemens S7-200 PLC series (CPU 224). I have Step 7-microwin but it's very old so I'm looking for the latest version of the software. One my friend gave me Simatic step 7 V5.4 but it doesn't support S7-200 series. Now, can someone tell me what is the latest version of
Hello all Try the following link, you can download a new s7 200 simulator S7200SIM: site download link Simulator work together with STEP7 microwin. It is possible to download, upload, debug (program & status chart) directly fr
How can i simulate a s7 microwin?? Which version is it?İf u use s7300 or S7400 i mean if u use microwinV5 and above , i advise u Easy motion Control.:arrow: Added after 17 minutes: How can i simulate a s7 microwin?? if u use s7200 it can useful for u my
the s7 simulator in this forum is written at year 2000,and does not support microwin 4.0 .awl files ,when I open the file in it it give me error. do you now a newer simulator that support microwin 4.0? does siemens PLCSIM support s7-200 simulation?
you can't simulate it within microwin itself, like you can with STEP7 and PLCSIM. But there a small program which can load a .awl and DB1 file and can simulate a S7_200 and even a TD200 OP panel together. You can download it here monty 8)