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using mikroc compiler and with FLASH MEMORY and mmc Library been able to get data from a HEX file in a mmc card interfaced on the circuit and successfully written to PIC's FLASH Memory... The problem now is that after a reset the PIC won't work anymore, thinking of wrong address write... The code that gets data from (...)
hi ,using mikroc i want to make txt file on mmc (fat16) , I want to send special key to txt file such as ( enter key to make newline) and (tabe key to separate bt words) , i make the file and send characters to it but i cannot make newline or separate tab bt words . can you help me plz.
With mikroc ,we must trust with a complete library without to know details and if it doesn't work .. we are "Chocolat " ( What about to do ?) I believe that most people using mikroc do it for the comfort of the built-in libraries. On the other hand, it's a full featured C compiler, you are free to use other libraries, e.g. popular
Card image file sent to your email. I would suggest u to use mikroc has example code for interfacing with SD card and schematic too.
Hi adm1, You may use mikroc compiler and it has got built-in functions for accessing sd/mmc cards. See its help files.
Hi, If you download the mikroBASIC or mikroc or mikroPASCAL compiler, there are examples for writing to mmc card, although they use the mikroElektronika library functions. You might want to take a look. Hope this helps. Tahmid.
Hi, If you use mikroBASIC or mikroc, there are internal library functions made for operations with SD/mmc card with examples. You can download one of the compilers and check the examples in the help menu. Hope this helps. Tahmid.
The simplest method is to download a free compiler, such as mikroc for PIC, compile some mmc code from the libraries, and then click on the Assembly view. It's all there for free.
hello, this is my first post, I am new to pic and C, but learnig fast so please be gentle: I'm looking for a code snippet in C, that would help me view the filenames on an SD/mmc one at a time, something like pressing up button display one filename, another press the next, and a previous button. I'm using mikroc btw. forgot: I'm using
Hello mikroc manual can be downlaoded from here: Regards
Hi all yesterday I download the ""mikroc MIKROBASIC AND MICROPASKAL"" And i found that microc has a library for mmc AND SD card. There was a schematic sample with PIC18F458 in its help file Can i use PIC16F877 And how can i write data sender for computer? Thanks