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Hello, I am using PIC18f4520 in my project. I would like to create a folder in which my files has to be saved. I am able to create a folder using the mmc library functions for creating new directory. But when i change the directory from root to newly created directory for file creation, no file is being created in new folder. In root directory
As far as I know, mmc_Read_Sector() is a built-in mikroc mmc library function. I'm not using mikroc and had thought the library routines would be visible all time. But may you are missing the SPI pin definitions required for operation of the library, review compiler manual. In case of doubt start with a sd card example (...)
hello! to interface sd/mmc card i'm using pic18F4550 in mokroc. please i need help . thanks for your answers. see you soon :thumbsup:
hello guys ! could you help me with the mikroc FAT32 library ! I downloaded the library from Libstock , but i have no idea how to start ! i successfully had written a txt file into an SD/mmc card using mikroc mmc_Fat16 library . Fat16 supports cards up to 2GB . now I need to write a txt file into a 8 GB SD card (...)
hello guys ! i need to interface an SD/mmc card with PIC 18F4520 , just to read/write a text file . well , i wrote a simple code on mikroc as a start , but i faced a problem once i use "mmc_fat_init() " . here is the code : sfr sbit mmc_Chip_Select at RC0_bit; sfr sbit mmc_Chip_Select_Direction (...)
hi guys! below is my code in interfacing mmc and pic18f4550 #define BUFFER_SIZE 15 //Memory Card Chip Select Connection sfr sbit mmc_Chip_Select at RB2_bit; sfr sbit mmc_Chip_Select_Direction at TRISB2_bit; // // LCD module connections sbit LCD_RS at RD0_bit; sbit LCD_RW at RD1_bit; sbit LCD_EN at RD2_bit; sbit LCD_D4 at
Read until \n or \r is encountered. Zip and post mikroc project files.
hello guys ; I m trying to use a PIC 16f877a to write on an mmc 128 M , mikroc + ISIS . I initialized well my mmc . But when i try to use the command 24 to write a single block i get a parametric error as a response SPI1_WRITE(0xFF); SPI1_WRITE(0x58); // send mmc write block SPI1_WRITE(0x00); (...)
I have done Proteus 7.x Simulation of USB and mmc card using mikroc code and it works fine. You can find it here. I Created mmc image file using WinImage 8.5.
Hi, I am having trouble getting mmc initialised using mmc_fat_init() function. Initialisation fails due to an unknown reason. I tried simulating it in Proteus and used LEDs to check if mmc is getting initialised. I am attaching the program config settings and ISIS file. Actually I have edited the library example to include LEDs for (...)
Hello! Can someone provide me with a example of PIC based mmc/sd card read/write project. It should be mikroc and Proteus based. Thanks Jayanth D
Are you testing your design only using Proteus or both hardware and simulation? Have you level shifted the mmc/SD I/O to the appropriate 3.3v level, the interface is not 5v tolerate. Also note according to the mikroc documentation: unsigned char mmc_Init(); Initializes hardware SPI communication; The function returns 1 if (...)
There is a Function in mmc Card Library.... mikroc Compiler to format the mmc card.. unsigned char mmc_Fat_QuickFormat(char *mmc_fat_label); We have to pass an argument mmc_fat_label.. I want to know what is this and how can i use this function to format my memory card for FAT16 File (...)
Hi all , i have this code with array of 600 the max , i have only 1% of the ram left .. 99% for the ram has been used for array this my code .. Code: Select all unsigned int M_File_Compare(){ unsigned long i, size; char file1="" ; char character; mmc_Fat_Assign("TEST.txt", 0); mmc_Fat_Reset(&size); // To r
Hi, I am doing a project(a simple datalogger) using pic 18f4620 and SD cards (2GB). I am using mikroc compiler. My problem is that the mmc_fat_assign() function hangs(It returns nothing) once the total used space on the SD card becomes128kb. ie I cannot create more files once 128 kb has been used up (however I can use the function on existing fil
First of All you must LEarn how to interface and mmc card and Initialize it.. Here is a Sample Code Written By me mikroc to do some basic Opertaion.. /*********************SECURE DIGITAL CARD PROJECT************************/ /************************************************************************/ /* CS is Connected to RC2
Hello Everybody I have stored a file in mmc and read each byte using : mmc_Fat_Read(&character); but the speed of this function is too low. So I checked another version of the mikroc Pro this version there is function that appears to Read multiple bytes: no_bytes = mmc_Fat_ReadN
Here is a project which utilizes a SD card and mikroc, however the code require to use a mmc is virtually the same: Data Logger mikroc provides an array of library routines which greatly simplifies the coding required. Take a look under the libraries tab on the mikroc page. [URL="w
use mikroc for pic , it has the library for interfacing with SD/mmc
Hello, I have been trying to write a text file in an sd card with a pic33fj128gp802, im using the mikroc for dspic mmc library but it wont work I'll paste the code in here for you to see, the code is ok until the part I try to write, i've tested the code by creating the txt but not writing to it and it is OK, but as soon as I add the writing par