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i am using mikroc compiler,pic16f877a and crystal frequency is 8MHZ
Hi everyone I have an issue with my PIC16F1509 MUC and 16x2 lcd,when i input the program from mikroc software to my PIC16F1509 the display was like blocks (like the code does not work). However, when I try the same lcd and same code (different pins number ) with pic16f877a MUC it was work correctly. I am (...)
Post the circuit if possible in Proteus format. I will have a look at your code and try to fix the problems. Also zip and post the complete mikroc project files. In your code it doesn't show the sbit defines for the lcd.
Hello All I have problem with lcd that has controller ts1620-1 where lcd can not display character, I write code in mikroc-PRO software and it is working good on simulation of Proteus but in real work it is not display any thing till the POT resistor is not working with light control. Note : the lcd (...)
Try this code. // lcd module connections sbit lcd_RS at RB4_bit; sbit lcd_EN at RB5_bit; sbit lcd_D4 at RB0_bit; sbit lcd_D5 at RB1_bit; sbit lcd_D6 at RB2_bit; sbit lcd_D7 at RB3_bit; sbit lcd_RS_Direction at TRISB4_bit; sbit (...)
Yes. See mikroc PRO PIC Compiler help. Search for lcd in help index. If you want to print string then use lcd_Out(). No need to use _lcd_SECOND_ROW or _lcd_FIRST _ROW.
Guys, It took me years searching for the mikroc code which controls something using temperature and display it on lcd. I am using pic16f877a and DS18B20 to make a fridge controller, so I need the +ve and -ve temperature range I used the ready library provided in mikroc with no luck (...)
And the task is to display the string in lcd after it should increment to the next cursor continously once it displayed the entire string Post your code. mikroc lcd Library See one example in mikroc :
Which version of mikroc are you using? If you are using mikroc PRO then your lcd_Init() code is wrong. Do you want mikroc PRO code or MPLAB C18 code or Hi-Tech C Code?
He is asking for a mikroc code for PIC16, and you are giving him a link about AVR? :roll:
The library functions you are using are not valid for mikroc PRO for PIC (I see you're using mikroc PRO for PIC v6). For example, the lcd_Config function was for mikroc 8.20 and older versions. You need to change the code for the mikroc PRO (...)
Hello again, I have temperature sensor LM35 attached and i m measuring the temperature on the Display, Now if the Temp reaches pre-defined set point. Now if i want to clear the current temperature reading from lcd and i want to show some different message like Temperate Exceeded how to do it ? How to call interrupt in lcd ? how to show some
i m begineer at pic programming , i want a program in c , the lcd displays the no. pressed on keypad and the keys pressed need to form an array , so that i can match it with other array.plzz help me out with ....... i had tried a program in mikroc , with both cursor on and cursor off conditions , 1) with cursor on as key s pressd , it (...)
Good day masters: I am using mikroc. I have the problem of giving an output of 5V or 0V in portD. I have two sensors connected to AN0 an AN1. It gives 2.5V and -2.5V as exhange for 5V and OV respectively. I think I have the problem in setting VREF+ and VREF-..Could you please help me guys regarding this? I'm not c
i am using mikroc pro for pic compiler ,and trying to interface pic16f877a with jhd162A but nothing happened the lcd shows black boxes in the second row and the first row is clear.. the code is perfectly working in proteus help required i grounded the d0-d3 of lcd
im using a pic development board..with a 20mhz using pic16f877a and mikroc compiler and a top 2005 universal programmer... wrote a code to display a string on 16x2 lcd ...but nothing is being displayed........the development board is fine...thers some prob either in my code or m missing something while creating the hex (...)
Can anyone give me a working mikroc or mikroBasic code for pic16f877a based lcd Progress Bar. The lcd should be 20X4 Char type.
Hello! My Circuit Consists of a pic16f877a. Pins RB0, RB1, RB2, RB3, RB4 is configured as active high inputs. Port D0 is configured as output and is connected to a led. Port C (pins C0 to C6) is connected to lcd. I need mikroBasic or mikroc code which uses interrupts to handle the button clicks. The program should display (...)
If using Hi-Tech compiler, where can I get or learn about the Nokia3310_Out function on mikroc?
For accuracy, I would recommend using a RTC chip for time-keeping. Two such popular chips are DS1307 and PCF8583. Starting on your project, have you used mikroc to display text on the lcd? Have you used the keypad library to input data from a keypad? If you use the RTC chips mentioned above, you will need to learn to use I2C interfacing. (...)