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I just purchased a development board Ready for XMega from mikroelektronika and have to use this in my project. I am not having that much knowledge of AVR Micro-Controller's. But very good knowledge of PIC and 8051 Micro's. Please suggest me some tutorials for AVR XMEGA128A1 micro-controller.. I have to use GCC Compiler as i am not having
Refer IE register Chapter 2 : 8051 Microcontroller Architecture - Architecture and Programming of 8051 MCU - mikroelektronika ES - enables or disables serial interrupt: 0 - UART system cannot generate an interrupt. 1 - UART system
hi this book is a freedownload book at
Go through the mikroelektronika site itself. There is an online free book that should help you get started. Regards
Salam, Bye
There are some free books at this website related to uC. Quite good. It also has a book on design of RF circuits which is particularly good for beginers.