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Dear juz_ad Hi Is it important for you , using the miller integrator with transistor ? i can describe it with an op amp ! can this help you? Best Wishes Goldsmnith
Dear all Hi I want to design 2nd order miller integrator , but i don't know how are its calculations. i know all things about 1st order miller integrator but how can i design 2nd order of that? Thank you for your help. Regards Goldsmith
the voltage at the emitter is Vs -Vd + Vbe, so the collector voltage is that -Vsat of transistor (.2V?). What are you building?, looks like a sawtooth generator or such like. It is much better to use a miller integrator either with a transistor or an op-amp, this way you get a much larger and more linear saw tooth. Frank
Hello, I'm interested in finding out what the schematic for a second-order miller integrator based on a transistor circuit will look like. I know what the first order looks like (see attachment), however, what would the second order schematic look like? If one of you know a link to an illustration of a such a second-order miller i
Can i use miller effect to generate a very big effective capacitor, so that i can use it form a low pass filter with very low cut off frequency? See the attached pic. thanks.
Hi All, I am designing a GmC integrator, with OTA as the second stage to provide miller capacitor. But the output has a bump before integration. I replaced Gm and OTA with ideal model and the problem is still there. Any help will be appreciated. PS: attached figure shows the input differential pulse(bottom), reset after each pulse(middle), a
Hi, currently I'm implementing a miller compensation fully differential amplifier with continuous time CMFB. The ac response shows that the system is stable. In the closed loop, i used capacitor feedback to set the closed loop gain of the system. the DC bias feedback is set using pseudoresistor(diode connected PMOS). The problem comes when I tried
I have design a simple integrator, the amp is just the 7 transistors amp. And add a capacitor Ci connectting Vin- and Vout. In miller theory, the capacitor can be seperated into two values capacitor. Connecting the output cap value is nearly equals Ci. So I use this cap as load to simulate the stability. I am not sure this is right.