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The main virtues of mim caps are low voltage coefficient and low / low variability series resistance. Both of these are poor on MOS capacitors, for example a high-VT NMOS capacitor has negligible C and near infinite ESR when Vgs=0 (channel is "off", which is your connection to the bottom plate). mim tends (...)
Hi, does it make any sense to put a series TFR and mim capacitor directly behind the drain electrode? The Drain Supply voltage is DC, so I would not want to block it out. if I want to amplify a RF signal, it could be useful to block the DC. but shouldn't the Drain Supply voltage not be blocked by a capacitor?
Oxide (MOM) is one kind of insulator (mim) - what the difference might be (if there is any, on the flow in question) you'd have to peer into the foundry docs to know. If "MOM" is using the full thickness of some ILD layer then capacitance density will be poor and breakdown voltage way, way more than you need, and the (...)
All of them (PIP, MOS cap, MOM, mim ) might be used for active filter. However, for the best choice, you must consider voltage coefficient, temperature coefficient, matching and substrate noise.
Poly resistor is preferred because of its small voltage coefficiency. What's CTM cap? I think NMOS/PMOS is not suitable for accurate DAC for nonlinearity. PIP cap, mim cap or MOM cap is better choice.
mim Capacitor is very usable in designing RF application. But mim is requied additional Layer Mask. What is the Merit & Drawback about PIP Capacitor? thanks
mim and ploy cap have small unit capacitance, low voltage coefficient. MOS CAP has big unit capacitance and high voltage coefficient
in High voltage CMOS Process, PIP and mim capacitor are available. If I use PIP capacitor, cost will increase because PIP require addional poly layer. but mim capacitor does not require addional layer. In my opinion, There is no difference between the two. Break voltage and (...)
Also, is there some tricky ways to override these values (e.g. MOS resistor and capacitor rather than poly R and mim cap. ...etc.) MOS cap can be used in the LPF section, and resistors should use poly type (cause it has lower value of voltage coefficient (VC)) and usually the resistor (...)

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