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Which process are you using? 120k is not that large. Use resistors with minimum widths and you can get a resistor with the least area.
Hello i have designed a cascode opamp and i have one question. I use the 0.18um process and when i increase my channel length (starting from the minimum length) the maximum output gain occurs for a lower Vin. Do you have any ideas why that should happen? Shouldn't that occur for higher Vin, since the threshold voltage of the (...)
now, i want to design a very low power opamp (miller two-stage or symmetric single stage), what is the minimum value of branch current that can be accepted in normal 0.35um process? if the bias current is 100nA (or lower) for every branch, what problems can be generated? and what considerations should be (...)
The trick is, your startup "boot current" must do a couple of things reliably - - must push current into a gain node, up to and above the point where that gain will pull in and lock the current loop. This gain and minimum boot voltage vary a lot w/ temp, (...)
You would expect the dropout to be minimum when the pass transistor is fully turned on. Therefore, the dropout is simply iLoad * Rds(on). You will have to do stability analysis at maximum current load according to specs. That's where compensation is usually required.
Hi there In a real DRAM 1T1C design you will never have a leakage detection. You just set the refreshtime according to the minimum spec or, if your process is better, to a higher refresh time, as this saves a lot of power. If you want to implement a leakage detection you first need to collect all leakage contributors, and believe me, (...)
Every amplifier regardless its technology or topology contains noise sources. Some topologies are better than others. Once you have made the design, the amplifier has a minimum noise figure, most simulators are able to perform this measurement (ADS, MWO, Ansoft designer, ...). The minimum noise figure is obtained when the source impedance equals a
use minimum for digital and 4X for current reference and 2X~3X for analog