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how to calculate the minimum separation between body and wearable antennas. if it's very small the absorption because of body will be high and and also it effects the input impedance and the radiation pattern of the antenna. one good approximation is to be keep the distance of (2d2/lambda) from the body for which results are close to a free space
Which one to choose Bluetooth or wifiAs the 2 options are considered, some of your requirements points to the Bluetooth option ( short distance, just 2 files, minimum complexity ).
Suppose I have 2 hard macros and both of them do not have any pins facing each other. In such a scenario, can I keep those 2 macros at close proximity? Or is there any minimum distance criteria even if there are no pins on the face to face sides of the hard macros?
Hi, All, I found a UWB chip as attachment. Now I want to know: 1. Its minimum detect distance. I know the maximum distance can be calculated by PRF etc, but how to calculate the minimum detect distance? 2. How to calculate the resolution of the UWB radar? 3. What's the difference, which impact detect (...)
Hi all! I'm coding for a real time face recognition application in Matlab. I have written the algorithm for face recognition and it calculates the maximum and minimum euclide distance values. Upto that point it works fine. But I'm stuck on how to distinguish faces using these values. Any help is appreciated.
hi all. i want to design a twisted waveguide (WRD650). i saw in the manufactured twisted waveguides that the manufacturers set the length of the waveguide about twice times of maximum wavelength. i have to design it with shorter length. is there any rule of thumb for designing twist waveguides? thank you in advance
max distance with minimum power can be traded off with speed of data and modulation. IR wavelength does not matter much as long as receiver bandwidth includes transmitter and you have a daylight blocking filter. Path loss is inverse squared, so smallest beam angle in emitter is desirable Power per bit can be computed as VI*t from transmitt
You have to considere the "spot area" of ultrasonic sensor depending of the distance.. maybe you can place your sensor at 220 cm instead 300cm .. 99,99% of people will pass under without problem.. for taller people , cut the head! so you will have minimum of spot diameter corresponding to the head top surface. this system use 2 device , one emitte
but now i have picked it and i will have to do it so please guide me in designing an antenna which can receive a minimum 1mV at a distance of minimum of 40 meters. what power and voltage you need? What application is this?! If you will be more specific somebody can tell you solution!
do you really want to adjust the panels tilt angle, or determine the minimum distance between panels? The reason for tracking is to maximize solar collection, but if you are adjusting the angle , it is conflicting with the objective!
Hamming codes are single-error correcting codes, so the minimum distance is 3. Adding another parity bit, it is possible to increase the minimum distance to 4 and detect double bit errors. Look for "extended Hamming code". Regards Z
Hi, I've used Cadence 5 and there used to be option to dynamically highlight DRC errors as yellow polygons. For example, if you 'move'ed the transistor too close to another Pcell transistor such that you were violating the DRC for minimum distance between two layers, there would appear a yellow box showing the DRC. However, I recently used Caden
While laying the Medium Voltage electrical cables especially Underground is there any standard exists who tell about the minimum distance of straight joint that can be installed to join the MV cables. There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. (William Shakespeare).
You can put then very close together (with the smallest separation), but what do you actually want to achieve? -maximum gain given a minimum number of patches? -Relative clean pattern (with or without feed taper)? When you place them very close together (for example using high dielectric substrate), you will have large interaction and increased de
did you reassign a conductor (bottom) as radiation instead of conductor? double check ports. something is wrong in the -20dB case. look through the help pages about radiation boundaries for the conditions you should meet. there's something about minimum distance from conductors. Also with no boundaries assigned the outer box is perfect conductor.
Are you looking for the distance between the (point A) and a the (point B) on the line segment that is the minimum distance from the (point A), or are you looking for the distance between (Point A) and the mid point of the line segment?
...If a convolutional code is said to correct 2 errors what does it mean exactly ?... The amount of detectable bit errors is related to minimum distance d parameter. For instance, d=2 means that 2 bits can be
Hi In order to do error correction of even a single bit you require minimum distance of code to be at least 3. By Hamming bound you can easily find that for un-coded data length of 8 bits, minimum redundancy required is that of 4 bits. So, you cannot correct errors with only three bits of redundancy. If you add one more bit to the code (...)
Can we presume that track widths and minimum distance design rules have been choosen according to electrical requirements (voltage and current)? Then it should be O.K. Reviewing some layout details, I have doubts about a plausible selection of trace widths. But that's just a guess that can't be checked without a schematic.
Hi all, I need to find the minimum distance that is covered by the Co secant square pattern antenna, please let me know if there are any calculations regarding the same.