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Can I upload the code I wrote on Arduino IDE to the mips's flash of the Arduino Yun?
PIC18 if runs at 40Mhz means it will have 10 mips instruction time (40/4) normally. So if you try the code below without any delay, you will get to know the maximum time you can get from a PIC. while (1) { output_high(PIN_B1); output_low(PIN_B1); } and delay_us does not work with fractional, it only needs integer value greater than
Hi, I am planning on doing a project, implementing a mips 32 bit pipelined processor in SystemVerilog, I have never done a big project in hdl, all the code that I have written till now has been for very small modules. I need some guidelines on how to proceed with this, I have noone to ask for help, and I am a little scared since it is a very big
Hi, How to read data from specific address from memory? thanks
Hi I have a question about the assembly code generated by this small patch of C code that I wrote. The code patch is shown below, basically what I am doing is reading floating point values in from a hardware updated register and performing the arctan2f function on those values. #include "stdlib.h" #include "math.h" #include
Hello, I am trying to implement a single cycle mips processor. I've been able to execute the dual level controller but there seems to be some error with the datapath. Can someone please see and tell me what the error is. I used a test output signal called test_pc to check if the value from pc is correct or not. Initially 0's and then incremented
Hello. We are working on a uni project that includes a single cycle mips implemented on a FPGA. The idea is to serially transfer the assembly instructions on to the mips, but we were wondering if we could use a simple computer program that compiles a piece of C-code to assembly (in HEX) so that we could just copy-paste it?
Hello, I am making mips processor and I had to make a component which would make 16 bit vector into 32 bit vector. I used a simple for loop to copy the msb of the 16 bit vector to the rest of the 16 bits of the 32 bits vector. (see the code). However the output is so haywire. Sometimes it gives 0 when MSB is 1 and sometimes 0 when MSB is 1. Can s
Hi. We've just started with a university project where the idea is to implement a MCU on an Altera DE2 board. We've previously successfully implemented a 32-bit mips processor on the FPGA so we are thinking of just using this architecture. The first problem we are facing is the programming part, how to store the assembly code coming from the progra
Hi I try to implement a mips controller using Verilog i have a problem in the implementation ISE implement this code as a ROM assign RegDst = (op == 6'b000000)? 2'b01 : // R-Type (op == 6'b001111)? 2'b00 : // LUI (op == 6'b001000)? 2'b00 : // ADDI (op == 6'b001010)? 2'b00 : // SLI (op == 6'b001100)?
hello everyone So I wrote a Multi-Cycle Processor from scratch in Verilog HDL(I've tested it and it is indeed working fine), and I have purchased a Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA (50mhz), and i'd like to implement or run this multi-cycle processor on this FPGA. In other words, I want to run my MC Processor on the my FPGA instead of on my computer's intel
Hello everyone. I'm designing a control unit for a simple 32 bit mips CPU. For some reason, when I give the Control unit a subtract instruction, it will treat it as an add (ALUControl for sub is 110 and ALUControl from add is 010). I've attached my code here, could someone tell me what's wrong? I've monitored all the bits coming into ALUControl
Hi I need help. I'm writing Pipeline mips code in verilog. I don't know how can initialize? in instruction memory and data memory and register file. I attached the file. can you help me pleeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzz?
I am working on "Leonardo spectrum" to simulate my verilog code of mips processor, but the problem which I am facing is that RTL diagram is not generate of toplevel and errors and warnings are zero but still RTL is not generate, besides Rtl of independent components like REGFILE anf shifter is generated. Please Please help me out i am stuck in it
Hello guys, I m working on an embedded system and my job is to design a C programm and to embbed it on a plasma CPU mips. I wrote my code and it work correctly on windows and here is the minimum code that you need to see to ask at my questions. Processor that we use dont understant graphics library #include
Hi, I'm trying to configure a single Channel ADC on a DSPIC33FJ128GP202, 12 bits, on AN1 , no DMA , no sequencing , here is my init code , the issue I have here is that I'm well getting the AD1IF auto interrupt but ADC1BUF0 is always #0000 , if anybody can help, thks, my PIC is running at 80 Mhz , 40 mips and I have other modules and software runni
unless you tell us what part of that you don't understand, we cannot help. You can find the instruction description in any mips architecture manual.
i have a single cycle processor desging code bu nw i have to modify it for Load upper immidiate instruction (lui) shift logic left and shift logic right. i have a pic of that new hardware but not understand how to modify my code. i have the codee of simple single cycle processor. if there is some one then i tell my problems that i face in (...)
Hi i need the busy box source from pudn if some one has access to pudn can please download this file. busybox-1.13.3-mini2440.tar ARM-PowerPC-ColdFire-mips
Hi, For "The first one is mismapped question due to additional top module which contains IO pad and my mips DFT result". I think you need instant all the IO PAD in your RTL code manually, then you won't have mismapped problem.