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There are very different mips cores: for example and The first is hundred times larger than the second. --------- If you are interesting in mips implementation for educational purpose it is better to start from here: https://community.
Since no specifics are mentioned, try these: 1> A fpga Implementation of a mips RISC Processor for Computer Architecture Education By: Victor P. Rubio, B.S. 2> A mips R3000 microprocessor on an fpga By: Charles Brej I think these are available online for free.
Even if you find a working core from OpenCores, you might not find a good tool-chain for that core. That is a big problem for writing test-cases and applications for that core. If you are willing to spend some bucks, a good one is the Leon3 mips processor:
Hi, Having worked only on hardware designs, I am completely new to the development and functioning of toolchains. Hence I need help. Situation: I am having a mips32 uP (h/w custom designed) which has been tested on Altera fpga. I now want to develop/create toolchain specific for this mips uP such that I can run test-cases developed (...)
Hello. We are working on a uni project that includes a single cycle mips implemented on a fpga. The idea is to serially transfer the assembly instructions on to the mips, but we were wondering if we could use a simple computer program that compiles a piece of C-code to assembly (in HEX) so that we could just copy-paste it?
Hi. We've just started with a university project where the idea is to implement a MCU on an Altera DE2 board. We've previously successfully implemented a 32-bit mips processor on the fpga so we are thinking of just using this architecture. The first problem we are facing is the programming part, how to store the assembly code coming from the progra
hello everyone So I wrote a Multi-Cycle Processor from scratch in Verilog HDL(I've tested it and it is indeed working fine), and I have purchased a Xilinx Spartan 6 fpga (50mhz), and i'd like to implement or run this multi-cycle processor on this fpga. In other words, I want to run my MC Processor on the my fpga instead of on my (...)
I have watched the book "Computer Organization And Design", and i want to implement a simple single clock mips(chapter 4.4) in my altera fpga board. Here is the problem i encountered: the altera fpga sram read the address at the rising edge and gives the valid data the next clock rising edge. that seems make the single clock implementation (...)
Hi Everybody, I have a question about the frequency of ARM(especially arm9) and for example xc9572xl family. I'll be glad if you share your information and answer my question. Would you please tell me which one is faster?ARM or XC9572xl? I know enough about the frequency and mips and speed of ARM but nothing about the CPLD or fpga. As i checke
can nyone tell me abt simple mips verilog code without pipeling ...n its implementation on fpga
I am trying to implement pipelined mips using verilog on fpga. But while doing simulation, xylinx gives an error and says that the design can't be compiled due to specific coding constructs . I consulted site of xylinx for this and it told me that xylinx is actively working on reducing the no. of instances for this error and cited some work aroun
HI i just got a the P1 board from this guys . it comes with 2 cpus (analog device's blackfin 800 mips and and an atmaga64 avr )and possibilitty to buy an fpga and and other boards that connect to it ) This board is cheap and very proffesionally done comes with software (monitor sources ) and connector to progra
i need verilog code for any of the following projects...plx share... 1. Linear Predictive Codes 2. fpga Based PLL 3. Digital Oscilloscope On fpga 4. Implement a Processor (DLX, mips, RISC) In Verilog HDL (16-Bit Processor, 8 Registers) 5. Accumulator Based Architecture Processor 6. Implementation of CORDIC algorithm for generating (...)
Hi, Where is the mips(Microprocessor without Interlocked Pipeline Stages) applied in?Thank you!
Hi I want to use digital techniq to implement AM/FM modem for a transceiver. Now I need some help about it such as the best scheme for designing or ADC, DAC and DSP selection. The IF signal is 1.4MHz. Another import thing is the mips that these modulations/demodulations need. Thank you. Agha
1) Depends on the fpga u use. 44 mips Spartan 3 @ 88Mhz 100 mips Virtex II PRO @ 200MHz Picoplaze can do one instruction in zwo clockcycles 2)>10 MBit when don't uses RS232 I have running my connection from PC to fpga with 115.2 kbps 3) Maybe, what conversion do u want to do? 4) A know only the assembler (...)
Do you mean mips cpu or mips uc? If you wanna the former, refer to and download the document of schmatic. And I have no idea of the latter. DAVY
What if one needs the fastest chip for the lowest price? Doesn't need advanced processing features, advanced ALU or something like that, just a basic core that is as fast as possible. What would you choose? What do you think is better: MCU/MPU or fpga?
8) I want to know which micon will be better The Cygnal C8051F020 (25 mips) or Microchip 16F877 (?? mips) which one will be better and faster for floating point math application
Hello! I would like to calculate this parameter for an fpga design based on DSP functions like FIRs, FFTs.. and evaluate if there is really a need for fpga. Any idea how to do this? Thx Bart